Press Release - December 2001
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Setra Systems Inc 

Adds Static Pressure Probe to Model 267 Pressure Transducer

Model 267 Pressure TransducerBoxborough, Mass. -- Setra Systems, Inc. has added an integral static pressure probe for duct mounting to its Model 267 Series of low differential pressure transducers, on display in Booth #4545 at the 2002 AHR Expo, January 14-16, in Atlantic City, NJ.

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Constructed of sturdy extruded aluminum, measuring 7.8" long and " in diameter, the probe is suitable for typical duct sizes. It is designed with a baffle at the tip, minimizing any velocity pressure errors. Additionally, the probe is designed with a gasket to seal against the duct, preventing leakage and providing accurate measurements. The probe allows for reliable maintenance-free installations and is available with Setra's Model 267 or Model 267 with optional LCD display.

The Model 267 Series improved capacitance-sensor design allows up to 10-psi overpressure (in either direction), with no damage to the unit. In addition, the sensor has thermally matched coefficients, which promote improved temperature performance (less than 0.033% FS/F of thermal error for operation from +40 to +150F) and excellent long-term stability.

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Adds an Optional Low Cost 3-Valve Manifold for the Model 230 Wet-to-Wet Differential Pressure Transducer

Low Cost 3-Valve ManifoldBoxborough, Mass. - Setra Systems, Inc. announces the addition of a low cost 3-valve manifold for the Model 230 differential pressure transducer designed for differential pressure measurements of liquids and gases, in Booth #4545 at the 2002 AHR Expo, January 14-16, in Atlantic City, NJ.

The 3-valve manifold is rugged, lightweight and compact, weighing less than 2.5 pounds and measuring 7.05"Wide x 6.25"High. Its all brass body, brass pipe fittings, copper tubing and plastic valves are ideal for high line pressures of 250 psi.

System pressures are often higher than the differential pressure being measured. The 3-valve manifold eliminates the possibility of exceeding the pressure rating of the transducer. When combined with our Model 230 Wet-to-Wet Differential Pressure Transducer, the 3-valve manifold's one-piece, machined brass body construction guarantees a leak-free system and minimizes external pipe connections.

Designed for gas and liquid compatibility, the Model 230 Wet/Wet differential pressure transducer is ideal for process control, energy management systems in HVAC applications, flow measurement of liquids and gases, liquid level measurement of pressurized vessels and determining pressure drop across filters.

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