Press Release - January 2003
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American Auto-Matrix Purchased by U.S. Group

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Export, PA - American Auto-Matrix (AAM) has been purchased by a group of private U.S. investors who begin operation of the company immediately. Jordan Acquisition Group, LLC - led by AAM's current CEO, Paul Jordan - purchased the company from Vislink plc of the United Kingdom. The acquisition allows AAM to distinguish itself from its competitors in the building automation industry, many of which are foreign-owned. 

Since taking over as CEO a year ago, Jordan and his staff have made significant progress in advancement of the company. The existing management has already introduced products like integrated access control systems, digital video recording and monitoring, BACnet® products, expanded internet capabilities, several new dealer programs, AAM Extras (accessory products) and enhanced applications in existing products. In addition, the company has launched the first-ever digital room sensor with graphical trending displayed directly on the sensor.

American Auto-Matrix Features Stand-alone Digital Video Server

EXPORT, PA - American Auto-Matrix (AAM) has made it easier to transmit exceptionally high-quality streaming color video across conventional networks using any PC and a standard web browser. The Active ViewTM Digital Video Server allows you to simultaneously monitor and record video feed from up to 24 video sources for transmission over LANs, WANs or the internet without additional hardware and software. The system offers simple network connectivity allowing images to be transmitted over standard TCP/IP for LAN/WAN and Internet, coming supplied with a 10/100Mbps auto-sensing network interface card and serial interface for connecting modems or ISDN terminal adapters. The Active ViewTM is developed on a LINUX platform making it flexible for network and web configuration, and there is a built-in update engine for software upgrades. Another added feature includes the ability to upload web pages into Active ViewTM, and you can customize your own interface with connected video sources. The Active ViewTM is an ideal tool for CCTV and remote video applications such as facility monitoring, security and zone surveillance as well as the capability for continuous, time-lapse or event-triggered colored video recordings. American Auto-Matrix designs and manufactures a wide range of products and solutions for the building automation industry, and is a pioneer of open architecture, generation-to-generation compatibility, direct digital control (DDC) and object-oriented programming.

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