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Andover Controls Announces Industry's First Native BACnet Video Integration Package

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Control Solutions, Inc

Enhanced Video Monitor Software Links BACnet Alarms and Access Control to Continuum® Video Surveillance Systems

Andover, Mass. - Andover Controls Corporation, a leading high-tech manufacturer of "Smart Building Systems" for HVAC, security management, and digital video surveillance applications, announces their Video Monitor software package has been enhanced to include BACnet functionality.

Video Monitor software provides a seamless interface between the Andover Controls Continuum® CyberStation® front-end workstation and Integral Technologies Digital Video recording (DVR) units.

Now with the newly enhanced version of Video Monitor, alarms from third-party BACnet systems can be linked directly to specific video surveillance cameras, without additional drivers or programming, and in strict accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE standard 135-2001. Video will pop up immediately on the Andover Continuum front-end workstation using Video Monitor's dual-window screen, allowing quick operator assessment of a possible security breach. Up to four cameras can be linked to each door or alarm input.

This new version of Video Monitor also includes support for Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras. CyberStation operators located anywhere on the network can control PTZ camera remotely and select presets with one click.

The Video Monitor Plus option includes a Personnel Tracking feature, which allows operators to search for cardholders in the Continuum database and view motion video clips linked with their access events.

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