Press Release - January 2004
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 CCTV Equipment On The Buses

Transport for London's (TfL) London Bus Initiative made available to Hillingdon Council significant funding to provide intelligent CCTV equipment to combat increasing levels of vehicles illegally using London's bus lanes.

Vidionics Security Systems were awarded the contract as Principle Contractor and responsible for managing the entire project which included the initial survey, civil works, traffic management and supply of the specialist surveillance recording system.

Prior to any work commencing our engineers carried out a number of critical tests to establish the best camera locations and expected images. At the heart of the Bus Lane Recording is the JAI Streetwatch System. This specialist technology records all vehicles driving within the lanes. The information recorded includes the vehicle, licence plate, time and date (via the UK standard rugby clock) and a unique frame reference. Two recordings are taken allowing one to be kept as a Master and the other for review should the alleged offender wish to view the tape.

CIS were selected as the consultant for the project and was responsible for the original design and specification. The contract was for the supply, installation and commissioning of the CCTV cameras as an extension to an existing system. New cameras had to be operated independently from the existing CCTV system while at the same time integrating with the existing CCTV system for use by CCTV control room personnel when not in use by Bus Lane operators.


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