October 2021
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Control Solutions’ Babel Buster MQ-61 Modbus to MQTT Gateway turns any Modbus device into a Thing on the Internet of Things. Gain instant access to a wide range of machine learning and AI capabilities, a wide range of data storage and analytics, and a variety of event handling and notification capabilities.

The MQ-61 includes everything necessary to connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT support using MQTT. Once the IoT connection is made, your Modbus data can make its way to an AWS database, AWS notification services (e.g. email alerts), and a variety of analytics tools including QuickSight which makes it quite easy to quickly graph your data.

J2 Innovations is proud to announce the successful completion of BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS) testing. BACnet Certification Testing Labs (BTL) is designed to validate that a product correctly implements a specified set of BACnet features. Upon completion of the testing, companies can display the BTL Mark and are included in BTL listings. We consider it an honor and a huge milestone for FIN Framework to be B-OWS certified. Adhering to BACnet standards is not just a badge to show, it validates that FIN Framework is part of an open, interoperable ecosystem and lowers the cost of system integration.

The UbiquiSTAT is a feature rich, multi-purpose touchscreen thermostat for a wide variety of applications. This series of thermostats can be configured for a variety of conventional, heat pump, and modulating control applications. Features: Powerful touchscreen user interface Internal BACnet explorer Quick start wizard System test screen for rapid commissioning Highly detailed status reporting and diagnostics Service status indication with custom messaging Calibration of temperature inputs  4.3” color touchscreen Selectable BACnet or TCSbus communication BACnet MS/TP or BACnet/IP over WiFi BACnet BTL Listed (B-ASC) Backward compatible with existing TCSbus networks (requires QD/QWL series software update) All inputs/outputs fully commandable via network

DATAHUB MODBUS OPC SERVER  Connect Modbus TCP devices to OPC servers and clients
The DataHub Modbus OPC Server provides reliable real-time bi-directional connectivity between all Modbus TCP devices and any OPC enabled applications. What it does
Eliminates the need for an additional OPC server by connecting Modbus slaves directly to the DataHub. Tunnels Modbus data from your plant OT network to the IT network without exposing the plant to security risks.


TCW241 is an IO module with Modbus TCP/IP support. It is intended to use for general remote Ethernet IO monitoring and control. The device has four digital inputs, four analog inputs, and four relays. Its 1-Wire interface supports up to eight 1-Wire sensors for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, AC or DC current, etc.

Somfy Unveils CleverTM DIY Tilt Blind Motorization Kit for Natural Light Management The convenient, smart home compatible motorization solution will offer an upgrade to consumers' existing manual blinds, thereby providing seamless control over the home’s natural light.

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