Press Release - September 2002
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LONMARK'S 400th Certified Product Milestone Attained With Help From Schneider Electric's PDL

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PDL's Mass Market Building Automation System Contributes to Continuous Product Growthin Response to Demand for Open, Interoperable, LONWORKS® Based Systems

SAN JOSE, CA  - The LONMARK Interoperability Association is pleased to announce that the number of LONMARK certified products has grown to over 400, showing that LONWORKS is a "de facto" standard in open interoperable controls and that using products with the LONMARK brand is the preferred way to ensure true open interoperability. The cooperative effort of the more than 300 LONMARK Association members is driving the widespread use of open, interoperable control systems across industries and across the globe using Echelon Corporation's (NASDAQ: ELON) LONWORKS® networks, the leading system for networking everyday devices. LONMARK certification of the over 400 products means that they are eligible to carry the LONMARK logo, the indicator that a product has been designed and tested to interoperate over a LONWORKS network.

One of the LONMARK members leading the charge to 400 products is Schneider Electric's PDL. PDL's e.BOS, a complete mass market LONMARK building automation system, incorporates 11 separate LONMARK certifications to complete the e.BOS product line. e.BOS (electronic building operating system) offers a new concept in building wiring and control by offering a range of open interoperable products for use in all areas of building automation including: lighting control, Security, HVAC, and more. e.BOS gives building owners choice of vendors, flexibility, and reduced costs.



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