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The rapid changing Automated Building industry has always required that all players be constantly re-educating themselves to keep current, but never has there been a time when this is so important. From the training sessions that we have participated in the message is clear "give us more information and for different levels of expertise." 

Our greatest source of updated education the constant flow of articles, interviews and information from our contributing editors.

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2022 Las Vegas AHR Expo Educational Sessions

Need to get a toe hold on what is Building Automation?

Building Systems Integration 101: Welcome to the Jungle

Our Education Emergency

We are amidst an Education Emergency; there is so much to learn.

This article appeared in AHR Today, Day 1 (February 3). AHRExpo, Orlando

"2020 Vision for Automated Buildings AHR Expo"

From last year Atlanta 2019  We have added pdfs for most of the sessions and links to several resources used in the presentations.



Just updated last few months of SMART BUILDING AUTOMATION EVOLUTION A timeline linking articles depicting our evolution as an industry

Want to flyover the last 20 years how we got to Edge of Change in 3D?  Click on the 3D mode, the small circle to the left once you have started your journey and fly over the events stop anywhere in the blur for connection to the thinking of the time.

In celebration of our over 20 years online.

Do a quick 3D flyover of all our back issues in less than a minute.
3D button is located just at the left bottom. Scroll through the 20 years you will be surprised how long we been talking about some of this stuff.  You can click on any issue for a quick overview of issue contents for more info keep drilling down with a connection to that issue and all of it articles, interview, columns,  and news.

The BB-cycle” Building Buzz Breakdown  - Nicolas Waern, The Building Whisperer


Every month there is a blizzard of information contained in the emails and newsletters that cross my desk on their way to Some of this information is not in the form of any type of content we can publish but I feel I should share with you these snippets, blog bits, Tweets, LinkedIn posts, and URL links that are about to fall off my desktop.

If you know what you are looking for an author or company or product use our site search

I recommend you look closely at the young folks around you to help you grow younger.  Help them to gather their thoughts and share them in a meaningful way with you and the industry at large. Our future depends on it.  No young people around you?  Now that is a problem in today's rapid digital transformations.

Please meet our Young Contributing Editors.They are a amazing resource of today's disruption and journey to open I have just added recomended books to read to some of their resource profiles.

Contemporary Controls strongly believes in educating the industry about networking technology. Our print resources are organized by technology. Use the technology topics on the left to browse our learning center. Visit our Video Library for additional resources.

A collection of article published in Connected Contractor addressing our Digital transformation.

January 2018 Update

Preview of AHRExpo

Required Reading for AHRExpo Chicago

Most Impactful Marketing Collateral (Video, Product Rollout, etc...) of the Year

January 2017 Update

Introduction of the Speakers AHRExpo 2017

Control Trend's Most Impactful Videos of the Year

   October 2015 Update

HVAC/DDC Training Solutions  Addressing the growing need for affordable “non-corporate” training for students pursuing a career in building automation related industries.

April 2015 Update; some history to set the scene followed by how training is evolving now.

I was recently reminded of the fun we had in the past helping create the Direct Digital Control industry in British Columbia. It was the best of time with the best of folks. It was a revolutionary time when the building automation industry was just starting to evolve from pneumatics to the newly rapidly evolving microprocessors and the concepts of DDC

Self-Learning Knowledge Sharing Platforms How internal company Wikipedia and other virtual knowledge sharing platforms allows Creating Self-Learning Cultures which attracts self-learning assets.

September 2014 Update;
links to the world of educational videos and evolving magazines for industry

Videos that help explain Smart Automated IoT Buildings

Training, Tools, & Demo Picks

Controltrends Amazing Video Training Resource

Overview Video which outlines the essence of digital signage and the features and benefits of the communication medium.

University, College, plus links to Higher Education Resources

BuildingContext magazines on Analytics & Continuous Optimization; Data Interoperability & Protocols; M2M & IoT; and Retrofit Financing

Therese Sullivan our newest contributing editor has taken on the task to provide a new perspective and insight as to why these articles and interviews are important, and carefully represents them in a time line to show our Automated Buildings industries' evolution.  In her own words she connects, timelines, and provides fresh comments on major events of our history in her 15 Years in the Collaboratory.

New Presentation of our Over 150 Past Issues with Editoral

BOMA e-Energy Training an interactive web-based energy management course for building operators and managers of commercial and institutional buildings.

ISA Training Course Introduction to Building Automation Systems (EA15)  Review by Ken Sinclair
I was asked by ISA to provide input plus a review of their New Building Automation course.  I am extremely impressed with the course that Ken Kolkebeck has put together. Once the usefulness of Ken's course is realized I feel it will likely become the standard for Building Automation Systems Training.

Books for the Industry Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings Systems for Architects, Owners and Builders Smart Grid DictionaryThe Big Switch

Automated Diagnostics and Analytics for Buildings.

More Technical eMagazines from LJB

Contemporary Controls Publishes the “ABCs of IP (Internet Protocol)”

OPC and Building Automation Webinars

The time is now for Intelligent Buildings

Read our update

Education Information is organized by Concept, Description, and Discussion

Review the concept, if you understand it proceed, if not refer to the description. If you still do not grasp the concept click through to the discussion. 


Connecting the Dots Surrounding XML / Web Services  Ken Sinclair Editor


 XML (extensible markup language) / Web Services  has created several .com and .orgs to share information. 


This article provides you history, connection and insight into these valuable resources.


eDucation and the Automated Building Evolution - Ken Sinclair Editor


The graphic depicting  Automated Building Evolution indicates why there is a cry for education.


We have a strong need as an industry to conceptually project our direction.



11 Revolutionary Automation Trends  Ken Sinclair Editor


These 11 trends are having a significant effect on the present rapid evolution of large Buildings Automation.


These trends will help you understand the radical changes that are now occurring in control products.



Digital Divide   defined as who is online and who is not Ken Sinclair Editor


Not all the players in our industry have not yet made it over the digital divide.


Some .com campuses are providing great examples of leading/bleeding edge online interfaces. 



Web-enabled Energy Education -  Jack McGowan VP Energy Control Inc.


The question is, will World Wide Web or "Web" change the way that education is delivered?


It may be that this is one of the greatest tools to maximize the performance of automation technology.



Are (W)eLearning Yet? - David Fisher President of PolarSoft Inc.


The creation and delivery of learning material by electronic means "eLearning."


.Form a relationship with an eLearning strategic partner.



Putting the Leverage in e-Learning - Chuck Miles Johnson Controls Learning Services


Our users are facing new challenges in all aspects of their lives and time is in short supply. 


e-Learning can deliver effective learning solutions that positively impact bottom line business results.



New Roads to Interoperability - David J Branson CSG Communications


The Information Technology industry has spawned an entirely new set of scripting languages.


IP-based BAS protocols typically work well over Internet.



eDUCATION for Facility Performance - Chuck Miles Johnson Controls Learning Services


Smart systems plus smart people result in smarter facility operations.


Advanced building automation systems can provide a productive and efficient indoor environment.



Where can we get training for our Building Automation people? -  Ken Sinclair Editor


Training and access to current on line information is cardinal for the growth of our industry.


Our on line resource/portal has attempted to provide connection to some of the web resources.



Favorite Articles  From "The Automator"


The most read articles from our online ezine


A great resource of the best articles on our web site over the last two years.



Hartman Technical Resources Database - Tom Hartman The Hartman Company


a database of books, articles, papers and presentations on topics related to high performance building design


The Hartman Company enjoys a worldwide reputation for innovative solutions in HVAC engineering



On Line Training & Industry Information Links - Ken Sinclair Editor


The following is a list of System Training Links that will allow you to get quickly up to speed. 


We will continuously update as new sources are discovered.



Indoor Air Quality or IAQ Need more info? - Leonard A. Damiano


20+ years, Len has been employed in the HVAC industry by air control and air movement product manufacturers.


Engineers have found many creative ways that to satisfy these superficially conflicting objectives.  



Connectivity Articles for 2001 -  Johnson Control Resource.


Information Technology and the Internet continue to revolutionize the way we all do business


We believe that as buildings and building systems become more dynamic.......,....



Automated Building Systems   - Ken Sinclair Editor


"Environmental Controls".including building temperature, HVAC equipment, lighting, life safety/fire, security or whatever.


One of the goals  is to have all players at least acknowledge that they are in the same industry.





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