April 2010


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Richard CoppenEMAIL INTERVIEW Richard Coppen & Ken Sinclair

Richard Coppen  Director of Operations, Clasma Events Inc.

Richard Coppen is an accomplished business professional in marketing, communications, international business development and consultancy. Experience in a broad range of electronics industries gained over 25 years in company ownership, senior management, direct sales and operational management, gives Richard the essential depth of knowledge required to innovative solutions to the many challenges faced in today's marketplace.

ConnectivityWeek 2010 Buildy Awards

The Award for an Industry of Innovation and Intelligent Connections

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Sinclair:  Tell our readers what are the Buildy Awards?

Coppen:  Since 2004, the Buildy Awards have been presented to leaders, visionaries and implementers of smart devices and smart systems in the context of commercial buildings, residential, energy management and other applications. Moving forward in 2010, the Buildy Awards will acknowledge leaders in the Vertical Venues that define the scope of where energy is consumed and where Smart Grid, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, Smart Devices and Smart Services will play a vital role. The four Vertical Venues at ConnectivityWeek 2010 are BuilConn, HomeConn, IndConn and InfraConn.

Sinclair:  How many awards will be presented this year?

Coppen:  There are 7 categories for the 2010 awards:

  • Smart Building

  • Smart Grid

  • Smart Homes

  • Industrial Automation

  • Connected Infrastructure

  • Technology Specific

  • Consumer Focused Innovation

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Sinclair:  I understand that there has been a change to when will the awards be presented?

Coppen:  Yes; In previous years the awards have been presented at a special dinner held during ConnectivityWeek. This year we have moved the awards presentation and made it part of the Thursday Keynote, this will give the award winners a wider audience when they receive their awards.

Sinclair:  What are the submission details?

Coppen:  Anyone can make a submission and we also accept multiple submissions from the same company. All submissions are made online and the deadline is April 16. Just follow the link to the web site to see full details. http://www.connectivityweek.com/2010/#buildy

Sinclair:  Has the voting process changed from last year?

Coppen:  No. Once all nomination are submitted, the finalists will be selected in each category and the winning finalist in each category is elected by ConnectivityWeek attendees during ConnectivityWeek starting on May 24th. In essence, the winners are selected by their peers at the event that brings together all of the disparate facets of smart device connectivity. Its been an exciting process in the past and we are looking forward to another exciting round of voting at ConnectivityWeek this year.


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