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Haystack Connect

What is it and Why Should I Attend?
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The # 1 reason to attend – that’s easy – its one word – DATA – Data has changed our industry and it isn’t going away. Haystack Connect is focused on the challenges and opportunities of making it easy to use data from smart systems to create value. A central theme is the use of the Project-Haystack.org open source technology that makes data self-describing, BUT you don’t have to be a Haystack convert to get value from the event – there’s a lot of other technologies and applications that will share the stage. This is the place where you will see the very latest technologies and techniques that are connecting people, things, data and processes to drive value across multiple applications.

Reason 2: Haystack Connect will see the long awaited reunion of the IBB – the Inter-operable Blues Band – a killer pickup band showcasing the musical talents of many industry professionals, and the would be talents of some. Come watch industry leaders rock on and roll out! If you’ve been in the industry for a while you remember this unique band event from the early 2000’s. If not, you owe it to yourself to hear it, see it and be a part of if you’d like – or should I say dare. It’s the stuff legends are made of.

Reason 3: The technical program and content sessions are among the highest quality and value you will find anywhere.. Here is just a small sampling of presentations – the full program will be announced in early April.

Introduction to Haystack - Brian Frank of SkyFoundry. If you are new to Haystack or just want to evaluate it START HERE!

Unifying Data from Multiple Systems in a Data Center – Jason Houck, Hepta Control Systems. This presentation will show highlight the deployment of a system that integrated all data center devices, including electrical EPMS (PDUs, UPS, Switch Gear, and Generators), HVAC, Lighting, Fire Alarm, Gas Detection, Leak Detection and data center asset management. The systems were organized and managed using Haystack modeling to unify the data formats coming from BACnet, SNMP, Modbus, and OPC to allow multiple applications to easily consume the data.

Visualization – A Better Energy Dashboard: Traditional energy dashboards show real-time and historical building energy consumption but provide little context that enables the viewer to extract meaning from the data. As part of the Building Agent project, NREL has developed a next-generation energy dashboard that combines real-time energy consumption data with expected ranges, enabling a user to see at a glance whether the building is performing as expected. The presentation will cover the analytics behind the predictions and how the Building Agent Dashboard has enabled rapid detection and correction of several major faults in NREL's net zero energy Research Support Facility. Stephen Frank, National Renewable Energy Lab

BACnet’s New Data Modeling Initiatives and their Relationship to Project Haystack – Rob Johnson, Siemens.  The BACnet protocol as currently defined has value in the building automation control space, and has a large and growing installed base. Haystack and BACnet have characteristics making them suitable for different use cases. Reducing the effort and resources required to bridge the two technologies is one critical success factor. Avoiding a profusion of incompatible tagging dictionaries is another. This presentation will summarize the state of the BACnet Extended Data Model (XD) concept. BACnet XD is a significant step forward for BACnet, incorporating tagging and referencing concepts, and allows incorporation of multiple tagging dictionaries.

Applying “NHaystack” the open source plug-in for NiagaraAX systems. Learn the latest tips and tricks to add Haystack tagging and communications to these systems. Its already deployed in thousands of devices. Mike Jarmy, J2 Innovations.

The Art of Water Reuse and Optimization in a World of Diminishing Water Supply - Robert O’Donnell and Frank Ladd, Aquanomix. Water reuse and water optimization are emerging as key strategies in cost-effectiveness, competitiveness, corporate social responsibility, and regulatory compliance. But why aren’t all industries using water reuse and optimization as a best practice? And what will the future look like? The technology, chemistry and processes already exist to implement water reuse and water optimization to help meet environmental compliance challenges and achieve supply chain reliability targets. Building owners and operators, water treatment professionals and reliability engineers understand that water chemistry control significantly impacts the preservation of critical assets. Transparency of your data is key – you can’t control what you can’t measure.

Networked Wireless Controls – Jump-Start to the Enterprise Internet of Things – Danny Yu, Daintree Networks. Wireless lighting and energy control are expanding from homes to office, healthcare, institutional and industrial settings. With increasing adoption, wireless must be part of the conversation going forward for the building community due to its many proven advantages many advantages ease of installation, significant cost reductions for materials and labor and increased access and control capabilities. The E-IoT is the next frontier for wireless networked building controls. The wireless capability helps organizations drive their E-IoT initiatives, enabling them to manage all machine-to-machine (M2M) communications throughout their networked enterprise.

The Security Session - Security Mistakes & Myths in IoT: How to be a Case Study and Not an Object Lesson, Alex Tarter, 3eTI; New Security Perspectives and Challenges in the Smart Building Environment, Tim Skutt, Windriver; Implementing Secured Connections in Building Systems, Marc Petock, Lynxspring.

Reason 4: The Keynote Speakers – Dennis Lottero, Global Business Development M2M Solutions Vodafone; Eric Free, Vice President & General Manager Smart Homes and Buildings, Intel; Peter Kelly Detwiler, Principal, NorthBridge Energy Partners, LLC, former SVP of Constellation, and contributing writer for Forbes.com; Jack McGowan, Principal at The McGowan Group, an internationally recognized expert in the fields of Energy Services, Efficiency, Building Automation, Analytics and the Smart Grid.

Reason 5: The Sponsors – Leading companies have made the investment to sponsor and participate for many reasons – here are two--they believe in supporting this community produced event because they believe in the importance of data and the role it creates and delivers from connected things — and the need to make data easier to use and  second, because this is the place where they will showcase and preview the latest technology innovations. You will see new hardware and software products here for the very first time.

Platinum Sponsors: KMC Controls, ESI, J2 Innovations, SkyFoundry, Intellastar, Lynxspring, Yardi/Enerliance, Pacific Controls, Energy Advantage/US Services

Gold Sponsors: Airmaster, Connexx, Daintree Networks, Siemens

Silver Sponsors: Veris Industries, Viconics, BAS Services & Graphics, Altura, Contemporary Controls, Windriver, Bueno, Wattstopper

Media Sponsors: Automated Buildings, CABA, Control Trends Awards

Watch for more sponsors to be announced in the coming weeks.

Reason 6: It’s Fun!!! Haystack Connect is unique – the collegial atmosphere and all-inclusive program (all meals are included plus a fair amount of adult refreshments) bring together a true collaborative community of industry leaders, competitors and partners for a unique networking event. It’s worth attending for what you will hear in the hallways and other places!

contemporary Reason 7: It’s held only once every two years – you don’t want to miss it!

Reason 8: People come from around the world to speak on panels and participate – China, Europe , Australia, United States

OK! – I’m in!  So When and Where is Haystack Connect?

Haystack Connect takes place May 18-20 at the awe inspiring Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. Get full details at the link below along with an informational video, and sponsorship (only a few remain) and attendee registration information.


Don’t miss it. See you there!


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