April 2022

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Radical reinvention of global collaboration in AI Research


Sudha Jamthe is
 a Technology Futurist and CEO of IoTDisruptions 
who mentors business leaders to learn AI And DataScience using No-Code AI, AI Ethics and  Capstone AI labs to solve industry AI problems at Stanford Continuing Studies and online at BusinessSchoolofAI

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The proliferation of Artificial intelligence into every corner of the world with its promise to solve local problems calls for a radical reinvention of how we work, collaborate and build our futures.

Innovation and domain knowledge needs to be balanced.

How can AI innovate with data when domain knowledge is locked in the data across many silos of people, countries and industries?

Imagine AI building language models for translation using transfer learning. Language is more than syntax and semantic. Language carried the lived truth of people across generations and is tied to local geographies and histories and migration of people. 

Imagine AI building models to making the hiring process efficient. People everywhere work and change jobs. Does this mean that AI can build models that works for everyone equally? Is the worker chatting with a chatbot in Mexico to find what jobs are available in the local market the same as a returning mom applying for jobs after a break to take care of an aging parent? 

Imagine AI in buildings personalizing people’s experience pre-Covid and now facing people coming back to work with different expectations and in hybrid work models. Is the data to train this AI the same for all kind of buildings and all countries?

What we need is a radical reinvention of ways to collaborate across the globe. We need reconfiguration of what is work, commute, community and more. 

We have faced a forced evolution to work remotely and engage on zoom screens to adapt technology, lots of cameras watching us and erosion of privacies. 

Is this evolution permanent? What defines natural selection here? Have we taken a step forward as mankind? How do we find our peace with IoT sensors and cameras collecting data to feed the AI? How do we collaborate across geographies to train the AI with our lived truths?

Today we are at that cusp of change with more questions than answers. 

The good news is that it gives us the opportunity to research and collaborate. To find solutions to our local problems. Globally with Artificial intelligence. To reinvent jobs, workplace, healthcare, mobility and more. 

Join Sudha Jamthe and Roxy Stimpson on their annual IoT Day Womansplaining event on April 9th on the theme IoT and AI Research. 

Learn from 24 global womxn in 24 hours online at IoT Day Womansplaining at Business School of AI. The event will run from 9am melbourne time (April 8th 3pm pt) with sessions and research paper reviews at 9am in multiple times zones till 3pm pt April 9th)

Join us on redefining global collaboration in AI research.


 ( link to https://businessschoolofai.teachable.com/p/iotdaycamps)



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