August 2013

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Ken Sinclair

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Who R We? or Annoying Acronyms R Us is our August theme. It may be not so much Who R We? as what do we call ourselves?  A lot of discussion by industry folks on various Linkedin groups about these names and acronyms. This is not a new problem as our original mission statement when we started our magazine 15 years ago read "Automated Buildings wants to discover the who, what, where, when and why of this fascinating field. The names given to building automation systems are varied. We will group and provide connection to all of these plus lighting control companies, fire / life safety, security, the sensor, actuation, and end device industry and anything else that is now becoming part of an automated building system". 

When we wrote those words years ago I am not sure I had a good vision of what the anything else might mean, but it has become a good catch all. Struggling to understand the impact of the internet and open standards was my first vision but the collision with IT, the cloud, wireless and the evolving anything else has engulfed us.  My review this month called Who R We?  provides an overview and connection to some of these discussions.   BAS, BMS, EMS, FMS, EMCS, DDC, ATC, BIM, BACS, "THE AUTOMATION SYSTEM", IA, CCS, RCMS, iBOS, CTM, BOBs, A Clouded Cluster of Annoying Acronyms, BEMS,BMCS and Smart Buildings are but a few.

Possibly the diversity in our naming of our corner of the industry is part of our combined success.  As we move forwards in a converging collision to becoming an integral part of the information technology, we need to start thinking about how we will provide difference to our unique collection of real time building related data in the cloud. "BAS - Building Automation System" seems to be evolving as the cornerstone for sub sets to grow from. We are pleased with this direction as it keeps our magazine title relevant.

This being said two of our contributing editors independently provided great articles speaking to "Smart Buildings". We are doomed to have agreement on a name for us all to huddle under so we need to hang loose and go with the name and definition provided by the  Both articles explain the functional creep that is our industry.

This August issue is a collection of data, big and small described in many annoying acronyms smattered throughout several great articles, columns, reviews, new products, interviews and of course the steady stream of news depicting our rapidly evolution and journey.

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Editorial from July 2013

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