August 2017

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What’s New With the New Deal?

Below are summaries of some of the more popular articles in recent weeks.
Anto Budiardjo
Anto Budiardjo,
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With less than two months since the launch of the New Deal blog, we are starting to see interesting articles and perspectives around the need to rethink the relationship between BAS vendors and building owners and managers.

Below are summaries of some of the more popular articles in recent weeks. Click on the links to read the full story, or visit the New Deal blog site.

BACnet — A Foundation for Building Analytics

Jim Butler, CTO of Cimetrics, Inc.

Since its approval as an ANSI/ASHRAE standard in 1995 and as an ISO standard in 2003, BACnet has become the most common network protocol in modern building automation systems. Although BACnet was not originally designed to enable analytics, it has a number of features that have facilitated the implementation of analytics applications, not the least of which is that BACnet offers a standard method for third-party analytics applications to access data in building systems. However, this article focuses on other features of BACnet that help building owners to implement analytics in their facilities. Read more

Win-Win Strategies to Buy and Sell Building Solutions

Jack McGowan, CEM is Principal with The McGowan Group

Reflecting on a career that has included roles as an Energy Manager, Contractor, Entrepreneur and Technologist, I have had a unique opportunity to observe and participate in system deployment from a number of perspectives. My conclusion from all of that activity is that the traditional “design-bid-build” business approach is broken, meaning that “low bid procurement” is not a good model in today’s building technology market. Read more

Digital Twins!

Anno Scholten, President at Connexx Energy, Inc.

Every piece of infrastructure, sensor, personal mobile device, and business process in a building today is a potential source of valuable data for improving operations and user experience. Insightful facilities project teams are beginning to direct it towards the creation and maintenance of digital twins. A digital twin is a dynamic software model of a physical thing or system. Read more

Introduction to Project Haystack

John Petze, Partner at SkyFoundry

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Most likely if you are reading this you have either you have come to understand what data tagging is and why it’s useful, or are concerned that the concept is an attempt to force another communication protocol on the industry, or make you adhere to a rigid naming standard that will not fit your needs. If you are thinking either of the latter, give me a few minutes of your time to try to bridge the gap.

The reason data semantics (a big pretentious word so let’s just say tagging is going forward) is important is because smart devices and equipment are creating dramatic increases in the amount and type of data available from our facilities, AND a new generation of software applications promise to help us benefit from that data. In the buildings industry, those benefits include, improving the performance of our facilities and equipment systems by detecting faults and inefficiencies, reducing energy use and costs, streamlining maintenance operations, measuring and managing occupant comfort, satisfaction and productivity, meeting regulatory and reporting requirements. Read more

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