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Addressing our Education-Emergency @ AHRExpo 2020

We are proud of our 12 Free Education Sessions @ AHRExpo 2020

Ken Sinclair
Founder, Owner, Publisher

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This is our 21st year presenting at   The expo is an educational kaleidoscope of new ideas and products with 87 free education sessions with a total of 220 educational sessions.

We are proud of our 12 Free Education Sessions @ AHRExpo 2020

Most of what we learn comes from our preparation to teach these sessions and feedback from them.

"By teaching, we learn."   

To keep teaching we need to be constantly learning. Stop your hectic life pace today and learn something new that will be worthy to teach your followers. Strive to diversify, step out of your comfort zone do not just learn, learn something completely different. Open your mind. We are amidst an Education Emergency there is much to learn.

I have just returned from CoRETECH 2019 "Recalibration" San Jose
Here is a quick review with a photo essay of what you missed.

An amazing head spin that is fueling our Education Emergency

Who do I have helping me with our 2020 vision @ AHRExpo education sessions? Who are the lead contributing speakers on this teach/learn journey? Why should you come to hear what they have to say? This is a brief overview of our presenters and their writings.

Scott Cochrane is President and CEO of Cochrane Supply & Engineering, a leading industrial IoT and building controls supplier with locations throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky, as well as President of Canada Controls. Scott earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with minors in Marketing and Finance from Eastern Michigan University and holds an additional minor in HVAC Technologies from Macomb Community College. In 2000, he took over the business from his father, Donald Cochrane, Sr., who founded the company in 1967. Scott is now an advisory council member for multiple industry manufacturers including Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Tridium. He is also an IBcon Digital Impact Award Winner for going above and beyond to positively impact the smart building industry, as well as a winner of the ControlTrends Impact Person of the Year Award for his impact on continuing to move the industry forward. Creator of

Brad White President at SES Consulting.  Brad is a Professional Engineer with ten years experience in energy efficiency and smart building systems. He has demonstrated his passion for the sustainable use of energy throughout his studies and professional career and this continues to be a driving force in his work. Brad works closely with clients to integrate leading edge technologies and energy conservation strategies into existing buildings; these can include fault detection and analytics, renewable energy, and advanced controls. Brad is a Contributing Editor to Automated Buildings and the Next Generation Innovation podcast. Brad is also a member of the board of directors for the BC Advanced Conservation & Efficiency Association.

Our opening session will address the  industry need to do ahead shake and recalibrate because everything is under change.

opening session

The opening session will lead to how we need to address our climate and education emergency with the new generations.

Attraction and Retention of Hyper Digital, IP-Enabled Millennials and Generation Z  Brad, Scott and Ken

The BAS industry today is fast becoming another IT/Cloud/Data-driven industry. As our industry evolves towards deeper digitization, the BAS industry is fast becoming a new playground for hyper-digital humans ready to take the buildings to the next level.  The hard part is how do we redefine our businesses as we try to recruit, train and retain this next group of all-stars.
Propagating our People Power is our ongoing challenge. To grow our industry younger, we need to get our message out that we are an exciting industry where young folks can make a difference. We need to offer them Job Crafting and promote “Job flexibility as a game-changer” to attract them. The same factors that attract folks can go a long way to keeping them engaged and passionate and helps the employer hold on to them longer. We need to tell the world why they want to be part of our passion. What is Job crafting? It captures the active changes employees make to their own job designs in ways that can bring about numerous positive outcomes, including engagement, job satisfaction, resilience, and thriving. The best talent is attracted to jobs that aren't just jobs but serve something higher than themselves. In a presented example case, this has been in addressing the challenges of climate change and reducing the impact of buildings. A career-focused on enhancing occupant experiences and productivity could also be just as rewarding. It's also important that your employees share in those successes. The speakers will introduce the core ideas of job crafting for management by defining it, describing why it is important and exploring what it means for employees, managers, and organizations.  Generation Z grew up with the world at their fingertips. They didn't have to pull out an encyclopedia to gain knowledge—all they had to do was Google it.  Eighty percent of respondents surveyed by Dell aspire to work with cutting-edge technology, and 91 percent said the technology would influence a job choice.
Join this session that will teach you how to grow your company younger.

Therese Sullivan Content Marketing Leader Tridium Inc  Expertise: Corporate communications, content marketing, demand generation, social media, press and analyst relations, enterprise vertical industry marketing.  Deep Domain Knowledge: Data Management, Data Analytics, Data Security, Data Center Energy Efficiency, Wireless Networking Solutions, Software-as-a-Service, AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) Marketing, Building Automation, Intelligent Buildings, High Performance Buildings, Facilities Management, Smart Grid, Lighting Control, CAD and BIM (Building Information Management) solutions.

Therese has this first ever all women session focused on engaging more women in our industry at a higher level.


With women making up close to 50% of the population using buildings, why is it that women working with Smart Buildings comprise just a small percentage of the industry? What can be done to attract and retain more women as part of the shift toward data-driven, intelligent buildings? As buildings become more high-tech, how can both the men and women of our industry take steps to champion more gender equality and advance more women into leadership and mentorship positions? Attendees will enjoy our panel discussion and hearing from women of diverse ages and roles

Pulling More Women into the Ranks of Smart Buildings Leadership Therese and panellist, Gina Elliott, Monica McMahan

Privacy, cyber-security, health, there is so much at stake in our smart building industry, it just makes sense that you want a diverse selection of people making decisions about how our technology is evolving.  Put another way; that people work, learn, shop, eat, heal, etc. inbuilt spaces are of all types.  Shouldn’t our industry reflect that? Yet, women working in Building Automation and HVAC Controls comprise just a small percentage of the industry. Why is this? and, what can be done to attract and retain more women as part of the big paradigm shift toward data-driven, intelligent buildings?

Systemic bias against women in technology is well documented. Just Google “Silicon Valley Bro Culture” and ponder the impact. There will be a time in this session for making comparisons and exploring the status quo in our industry. But, more than that, let’s come together and plan a way forward.  As buildings become more high-tech, how can both the men and women of our industry take steps to champion more gender equality and advance more women into leadership and mentorship positions? You’ll enjoy our panel discussion and hearing from women of diverse ages and roles.

Special guest speaker just added to our Building for a Climate Emergency session

Casey Talon is a research director with Navigant Research, leading the building innovations program with specific focus on the smart buildings market. Casey has a background in economics, environmental science, and policy and deep experience as an analyst and consultant. Casey has provided consulting services for executive decision-makers on the business challenges related to climate change and sustainability, as well as the opportunities for investment in energy efficiency and smart buildings. Ms. Talon holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and a BA in Economics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Read this article of Casey's for insight into her thoughts Intelligent building technologies are critical to a low-carbon future

Several of our contributing editors are part of our presentation I am very proud of the wealth of education and learning they bring to our sessions.

Very excited aboutfor this follow-up session to last year's sold-out session in Atlanta.


Next Generation HVAC Controls: Open Discussion For Open Future Brad Calvin Zach Nicolas

contemporary We will reignite the energy from last years overflowing session speaking to Next Generation HVAC Controls: with a new Open Discussion for Open Future lead by our young panelists who are committed working with open systems.  There is a growing demand in the BAS industry for openness and compatibility with new open standards.  What has changed since last year? More open and near open database options plus more powerful open hardware and many more platforms to build on. We will update the discussion from last year's Session. Come with your questions and open solutions we will OPEN the discussion to the floor near the end of the presentation.

This video from last year will give you great insight into the session.

From our July chapter defining our Education Emergency We need to share all that we have learned and sourced with all and any that will listen. The amount we need to learn and the speed at which we need to learn it is unprecedented. Our unparalleled requirement for rapid, deep learning and understanding is driven by the transition of everything to IoT and further fueled by the race to de-carbonize our world—an emergency supported by several smart cities

In my last chapter Building Wireless Inside Out one of my main reasons for going to the event in San Jose was to better understand what it was I was writing about.  These presentations helped provide clarity. Thank you CoRE Tech.

Wireless connection to the Internet is among the top three most important factors for tenants who are searching for office space, along with cost and location.

If possible please join us in Orlando at our free Education sessions. If not keep following all presenters as I am sure we will all be sharing with you what we learned while addressing our education emergency

We chat in this youtube more about changes feeding our Education Emergency - Ken Sinclair tells us that origin for his December Automated Buildings theme, "Building Wireless Inside Out," actually began at the 2019 Realcomm Show in Nashville earlier this year. Whether it's Wifi 6, 5G, DAS, CB Radio, 802, EnOcean, Zigbee, or Bluetooth, better get your building Smart Ready!   ControlTalk NOW


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