Article - February 2004
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Facility Management - Better, Faster and Cheaper

Robert Verdun
Computerized Facility Integration, L.L.C. (CFI)

Why consulting, integration, implementation, and business process outsourcing are necessary to provide better, faster, and cheaper Facility Management Technology solutions.

Providing better, faster, and cheaper solutions is a great benefit offered in the world of Facility Management today. Consulting and systems integration firms that focus on facilities and document management information technology solutions are able to provide their customers with better, faster, and cheaper solutions through the focus of different Facility Management processes.

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These processes include; consulting, integration, implementation, and business process outsourcing. Through these processes integrating the best-in-class technologies with business practices, create solutions that are aimed at improving productivity while reducing total cost of ownership. Leveraging technology optimizes your companies' facilities, lowers the transaction costs, benchmarks the key indicators and eliminates costly maintenance systems. These are all characteristics leading to the ultimate goal when consulting, integrating, outsourcing, and implementing Facility Management. System integrators and consultants have the power to eliminate redundancies between departments. Working to develop a plan for integrating technology and these processes will allow organizations to focus on their core competencies.

Consulting includes providing corporate real estate and facility management advisory services to the senior management of global companies. Consulting is commonly used for higher education, healthcare, and other large portfolio occupiers. When assisting clients in developing performance metrics for decision support to assure that real estate investments are at appropriate and targeted levels, consultants are made to be necessary. Facility Management companies have the ability to solve problems and recommend solutions that are affordable and accurate. Companies have found this to be far more accurate and faster through the process of consulting.

Consulting Services Available
When using consulting services in Facility Management, customers should expect commitment in providing the full spectrum of services that corporations require to effectively manage their facilities and real estate portfolios. Focus should always remain on operating at the best-cost levels with maximum effectiveness. Examples of corporate real estate and facility management consulting services include the following:

Integration & Implementation
contemporary Verifying that data is accurate in your Facility Management system is a key to success. Ultimately, information would be entered once, in the correct location. It could then be added to, modified and shared with everyone who needs it, and never need to be re-entered. Through Facility Management integration services, disparate applications and databases that talk to each other pass information and update other systems- all automatically. This feature saves much needed time and energy. Utilizing professional development methods of designing and coding integration points to make sure they work dependently is critical when using your Facility Management systems.

Existing Facility Management systems today are often times not being used at their full potential. Systems are given information daily but very few valuable reports are printed and implemented. This leaves management to be frustrated and leaves processes to be slow. If not properly implemented, this software is useless to the system.

Consultants should have the ability to take the existing situation and in the blink of an eye provide valuable suggestions for improvement. A 6-phase methodology incorporates proven methods, professional project management, and best practices. Data sources, processes, requirements, legacy systems, management requirements and reporting requirements can all be addressed in advance to benefit your Facility Management system. Recommendations are then made which include best practices and practical advice on how to get the most out of your systems. As a performance measurement, implementation on recommendations with clearly outlined tasks, costs, dates, and milestones ensure results.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) 
BPO services are focused on improvements in the management of your workplace strategies in the areas of space planning, move management, asset management, facility management technology and facility data change management. BPO allows companies of any size to be more detailed with their clients in specific areas. These services can be viewed in the context of supply chain management in the sense that they are all part of an end-to-end process. The best BPO practices can deliver improved services at reduced costs.

contemporary When you are looking at outsourcing all or part of your facility management processes, if you are like others in the same position you are more than likely looking to reduce costs and/or improve services. BPO consultants understands these objectives and feel confident to deliver, for the following reasons:

About the Author 
Robert Verdun founded Computerized Facility Integration, L.L.C. (CFI) in 1990. He serves on the executive board for the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO), a global non-profit organization open to professionals who are under the age of 40. He also participates as an active member of the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), including the IFMA Computer Counsel, and as presenter at technical workshops for IFMA chapters.

Mr. Verdun's extraordinary ability to motivate and foster teamwork has since, propelled CFI to double-digit growth during the last decade. Under his leadership, CFI has grown from a two-person start-up venture to one of the country's largest facilities technology integration firms. Today, CFI has more than 120 experts working together to find better, faster, and cheaper Facilities Management technology solutions.

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