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AHR 2016 - Orlando

CTA Awards

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Sunday night prior to the start of AHR Expo, Brad and I attended the industry's pretentious CTA awards at the Hard Rock Live studio.

The ControlTrends Awards are all about recognition and honoring our industry’s stalwarts and they also presented a special Industry Achievement Award. Quick insight of event here;


The Winners are;

I was pleased to have the honor to accept the ControlTrends Industry Service Award on behalf of the AHRExpo family. I have been working with the family since 2000 with their free education sessions for the industry. This family has been the backbone of our industry carrying out the annual AHRExpo show for 86 years while returning profits to the ASHRAE organization to fund their valuable work of research and outreach. In addition to this they have supported charities in every city the show has appeared.

From the interview See you in Orlando at CTA

Smyers:  We are delighted to present the AHR Expo with a ControlTrends Industry Service Award to recognize their 86 years of service that has organized and shaped the growth of the HVAC industry. The annual AHR Expo rejuvenates the entire HVAC industry, top-to-bottom, showcasing the newest technologies and innovation, as well as hosting vital collaboration, networking, and education programs.

Young Guns are the folks posed to take over our industry.  Brad White of SES Consulting and Rob of ControlTrends presented the awards with a surprise presentation to me, the world's oldest young gun, for efforts I've made in the past to help recognize these upcoming heroes.

The concept of Control Trends Young Guns comes from a outreach of several years ago in which Brad and Alper were some of the first Young Energy folks https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1791288/1791288-5893999660074287106

In 2009 and 2010 Anto Budiardjo creator of Connectivity Week, Scott Sinclair creator of the original concept of Young Energy Education at several levels, Brad White our first YE recipient, and I reached out to some young folks to help involve them in dialog, writing down their thoughts and presenting themselves as YoungEnergy models for our industry.

The original Young Energy folks http://www.automatedbuildings.com/news/may10/articles/cwpreview/10052142501ye.htm

Alper was too busy creating his business to submit his picture and bio surprise surprise. :) But he was there.

We introduced them at a major industry event center stage.

Actually Nirosha went on to be one of our contributing editors and is now taking time off to raise a family and create a new controller.  http://www.automatedbuildings.com/editors/nmunasinghe.htm

Very pleased to have you join our online LinkedIn group

YoungEnergy Group attracting Youth for our IOT journey.

Or if you wish to form your own Young Gun group let me know how I can help.

Did you see this?


More videos of presentations to follow.

I had the honor of inducting Hans R. Kranz into the Hall of Fame.  Hans is known as the father of Standard BACS Functions. For over 20 years, Hans headed up the committee that developed the BACS Standard Specification Texts for the German Construction Ministry for use in all public projects. He recently authored BACnet 1.12 Building Automation, in German, and he authored a book on the basics of building automation and building control along with over 200 technical articles.

Hans Kranz hall of fame

For more information about Hans and why he is part of the BAC pack read our January interview:

Functions of the Building Automation and Control Standard The application of the building automation and control system function list (BACS FL) - ISO 16484-3

contemporary Last year I had the honor of inducting Mike Newman the God Father of BACnet into the hall of fame and also George Thomas.

See this link for more information

I was very pleased that Mike and George were able to come to the stage and share the total honour of the hall of fame from not the "Rat Pack" but the soon to be famous "BAC Pack".

I was very pleased to have a picture of this moment in time.


For more on the history of these hall of famers





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