July 2009


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Ron Zimmer
Ron Zimmer & Ken Sinclair

Ron Zimmer is President & CEO
Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)



Market Sizing North America Intelligent and Integrated Building Technologies

The Continental Automated Buildings Association has launched a study that will assist industry in determining the size and potential of the North American intelligent and integrated building technologies marketplace.

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Sinclair: What is CABA’s latest intelligent building research initiative? 

Zimmer: The Continental Automated Buildings Association (http://www.caba.org), through its Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council, has begun to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the market for intelligent and integrated building technologies in North America. 

Sinclair: What is the objective of this research project? 

Zimmer: The collaborative research study will chart growth in the marketplace, looking back three years, when CABA’s last large building research study was completed.  This research will not only provide a gap analysis since 2005, but will also project the size and potential of the intelligent building marketplace over the next five years.  CABA is building upon the successful “Convergence of Green and Intelligent Buildings” research, which is available for free at: www.caba.org/brightgreen 

Sinclair: Who is interested in this study? 

Zimmer: The study is designed to be of interest to: building controls manufacturers; systems integrators; controls contractors; facility management companies; energy management service companies; original equipment manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning hardware; architects; building services consultants; security, fire alarm and lighting control companies; telecommunications and computer hardware manufacturers; network and structured cabling suppliers; and installers. 

Sinclair: How will it assist CABA’s membership and the industry? 

Zimmer: CABA’s market sizing study will assist its membership by focusing on a large range of concerns involved in the design, manufacture and installation of intelligent buildings controls.  The study will assess market sizes by product at the first point of distribution, products at engineered and commissioned prices and determine the total value added, factoring in hardware price erosion, throughout the entire supply chain.  It will also examine 16 vertical building sector markets for integrated systems. 

Sinclair: Who is conducting the study? 

Zimmer: The UK-based Building Services Research and Information Association will conduct the market study on behalf of CABA.  BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence unit has over 25 years experience in global market research and have conducted studies in affiliated CABA subsectors such as air conditioning, heating, IT cabling, piping, bathroom equipment, building control systems, facilities management and contracting. 

Sinclair: Who is funding this study? 

Zimmer: Funding partners participating in CABA’s market sizing study include: Automated Logic Corporation, Belimo Air Controls Inc., Cisco Systems, CommScope, Inc., Consolidated Edison Co. of NY, Distech Controls, Delta Controls, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), GainSpan Corporation, Honeywell International/Tridium Inc., IBM, Johnson Controls, Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc., Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Ontario Power Authority (OPA), Optimum Energy, LLC, Ortronics/Legrand, Philips Lighting, Robinson Solutions, Siemens Building Technologies, TAC/Schneider-Electric, Trane/Ingersoll Rand, Unitech Electronics and the U.S. Department of Energy/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. 

Sinclair: When will the study be launched? 

Zimmer: CABA expects the study to be completed by the end of 2009. 

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Sinclair: Will other companies be able to obtain the research when it is completed? 

Zimmer: Yes.  CABA is inviting companies now to pre-purchase the study now, in advance of its release date.  CABA members can pre-purchase the report for $6,000 US.  Non-members can pre-purchase the report for $8,000 US.  Once the report is published, they will obtain a copy.  Organizations will also obtain the benefit of receiving the Executive Summary of our 2006 Intelligent Buildings Roadmap study, and they will also be able to have two people attend the final briefing by BSRIA that will utilize Cisco Systems’ TelePresence product.  Once the report is published, industry will have to wait three months for it to come out of embargo, in order again to have the opportunity to purchase it.  At that time, the report will be sold for $7,000 US to CABA members and $9,000 US to non-members. 

Sinclair: How can I find out more information about this study and your organization? 

Zimmer: To learn more about this research project and CABA membership, please contact Don O'Connor, CABA's Business Development Manager at 613.686.1814 x226 or at oconnor@caba.org

You can get more specifics about the project online (http://www.caba.org/Default.aspx?pageId=284403), where you can access the project’s webinar and download both a presentation and project description concerning the research. 

CABA conducts a wide range of research activities that can benefit your company or organization.  CABA is a not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of intelligent home and intelligent building technologies in North America.  To learn more about the organization, go to: www.caba.org.


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