July 2018

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Takeaways from Helsinki

The human centered steps to smart digitalisation at Nordic Smart Building Convention.
Ken Sinclair
Founder, Owner, Publisher

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I was very pleased to have been part of the Helsinki NORDICS’ TOP REAL ESTATE TECH EVENT JUNE 6.-7. 2018 HELSINKI

Intelligent technology is no longer just for real estate, it’s for humans too!

To not get lost in the digitalisation buzz and forget about the end value, industry leaders & pioneers give you the human centered steps to smart digitalisation at Nordic Smart Building Convention.

For an overview of the event click here

Eric & Kenneth of Control Trends and I talk about some of my takeaways in this video interview.

Episode 271: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending June 17, 2018 features an interview with Ken Sinclair (recently returned from Helsinki, Finland), who delivers an amazing account of the European thought process when it comes to our common denominators: buildings, occupants, and trends.

Be sure to read Smart Buildings - The View from Helsinki Published on June 13, 2018 Henry Lawson Senior Market Research Consultant at BSRIA.

Good architectural design is also vital and can provide positive incentives. One speaker bemoaned the fact that “sustainability” is often seen in terms of “giving things up.” To counter this rather joyless prospect they have promoted the concept of “hedonistic sustainability,” creating buildings that are not just green and efficient, but fun to live in and work in.

The article ends with these words of wisdom,

The basic elements for the smart building revolution are already present, as is the concept of how they can all fit together into an almost seamless link between buildings, the people within them and the wider society outside. It is interesting that the sense of a complete, holistic integrated world, something that philosophers and visionaries have dreamt of for centuries, could now come closer to reality thanks to the IoT and bits and bytes.

This from this review of Helsinki event Intelligent Technology Is for Human Services,  Not Real Estate

Deviceless mentality was pervasive throughout the convention starting from our first keynote and continuing through the event to the discussions afterwards. We defined ”deviceless” mentality as the idea, that users, meaning humans, wouldn’t have to use devices, apps or interfaces to access smart services. The method of access was suggested as anything from mobile phone to facial recognition. The underlying idea being that the creation of intelligence is hidden away in the engine room, always there and always on, but never visible to the user. This idea seems to arise from a wide spread frustration at countless apps and interfaces we need to constantly be opening, learning, mastering and updating.

I was honored to be the moderator in the following sessions and was very impressed with the quality, insight, and experience of the of the panelists, all very well versed on the topic of people powered building. I was for the most part the only technology person able to ask questions about how this transformation will occur.

DISCUSSION: “Retrofitting intelligence: The challenge of getting smarter” Moderating: Ken Sinclair, Founder at

In the discussion: Kirsi Simola Laaksonen, VP, Audit & Business Process Improvement at Citycon Jan Mattsson, Sales Director at Schneider Electric Miimu Airaksinen, Managing Director & CEO at RILVesa Ilmarinen, Program Director, Platform of Trust at Suomen Tilaajavastuu

This concept caught my attention

Together with our Partners we are developing a Platform of Trust to serve the Market Economy as well as the Authorities. This service platform, will function as the market place for innovative solutions, address performance improvements in a wide range of operational areas like: quality, workforce, regulatory and environmental compliance regardless of industry sectors. Through shared processes our aim is providing interoperability as well as trust and to build an internationally expanding ecosystem using this platform.


Panel Discussion: “Human centered design and Building IoT – finding room for both” Moderator: Ken Sinclair,, Elisa Rönkä, Siemens, Henry Lawson, Senior Market Research Consultant at BSRIA and
Kimmo Ruotoistenmäki, CEO at Cozify


DISCUSSION: “Empathic, healing & anticipatory buildings”Moderating: Ken Sinclair, Founder at

In the discussion: Antti Ruuska, Co-Creation Manager at VTT Henry Lawson, Senior Market Research Consultant at BSRIA Ken Dooley, Technology Director at Granlund

DISCUSSION: “Empathic, healing & anticipatory buildings” Moderating: Ken Sinclair, Founder at

In the discussion:
Antti Ruuska, Co-Creation Manager at VTT, Henry Lawson, Senior Market Research Consultant at BSRIA, Ken Dooley, Technology Director at Granlund

DISCUSSION: “Transparency and the Digital Twin: What it means to be seen” Moderator: Ken Sinclair,

In the discussion:
Ken Dooley, Technology Director at Granlund, Jussi Hirvelä, CIO at Senate Properties

– People-Powered Buildings see through our transparency and cry for interaction
– Transparency is an important element in extending new smart building value
– By enhancing this relationship between building owners and vendors, both enterprises and people who occupy buildings will reap significant benefits

Follow this link for connection to some of the power point slides that were use at the event.  Our discussions where not recored which allowed us all to speak quite freely and exchange opinions and ideas. 

These are my two favorite slides



Photos of the event here

A Facebook Photoflash of what we saw at Nordic Smart Building Convention 2018. 


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