June 2019

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Connecting to the Enterprise

The Fast-Changing World of HVAC

Ken Sinclair
Founder, Owner, Publisher

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HVAC is one of the foundational systems in a building. Managing a comfortably conditioned environment in a facility is critical to the occupant’s experience and remains at the top of the priority list. These critical systems have evolved from standalone analog systems to an important part of the smart, connected building ecosystem. Access to critical data, command and control, integration with other systems, and cybersecurity all play into the capabilities of an IP-centric intelligent building ecosystem. HVAC manufacturers are seeing the benefits of a more networked approach to their equipment. This session will be led by the industries’ most respected thought leaders who will provide insight into the most recent advancements in HVAC.

Joe started with this interview for our magazine in our May issue

Connecting to the Enterprise  We are going to host a session at Realcomm. What are you going to discuss? - Joseph Aamidor, Senior Product Management Consultant / Managing Director, Aamidor Consulting

Added by Joe May 29 a few others topics of discussion:

- new business models: as-a-service, service marketplaces (this fits in with the Harbor piece) Also, we're seeing growth in workflow solutions:  integrating data/analytics with existing work and productivity solutions

- focus on outcomes, not just data:  automation vs dashboards (also fits in with some themes you already list, so maybe this just gets added to an existing point?

- Talent shortage: can technology help mitigate? Moreover, the changing content of many jobs, based on technology, and if technology might attract more employees.

- HVAC as health enabler: air recirculation, filters, etc (Daikin has bought three filter manufacturers, for example)

- M+A activity starting and will continue: big and small - UTC spinoff, smaller acquisitions by Siemens, Trane, etc… That's leading to a new competitive landscape - not just the HVAC OEMs and smaller suppliers/offerings, but a variety of other platform players - as noted in the Harbor piece.

These are some of the directions Ken will go but will keep learning right up till show time.

HVAC Devices sharing all their information with the User experience "UX" using device-less interfaces voice, video, present detection etc

Immediate real-time feedback to HVAC system, Original Equipment Manufacture "OEM" a new connection to the client the actual user of their services

Evolving std in our industry BACnet, Haystack plus now evolving IoT standards

IoT Standards: The End Game - With all these standards around, what should I choose? Zigbee®, Thread, Bluetooth®, or Wi-Fi technology? Or maybe LoRa™? Or is it better to wait for 5G and NB-IoT?

openmindOpen hardware open software open cloud
  A great peek into how "Open" our future will be

Open Software, Open Hardware, and Open Minds  On our journey to people-powered buildings described in my never-ending stories, I have talked about "Building Whisperers" and "Building Better Building Bots Mindfully" and in our September chapter, we conclude that the most important component of the open movement is opening our minds while growing them younger.

Automated Intelligence With Autonomous Interactions Our industry is on a journey towards Automated Intelligence and that, for now, is the AI we are talking about, along with its interlocking AI, Autonomous Interaction.

Building Edge-Bots That Will Learn Emotion It was great to get feedback on the excitement of the potential mash-up of a physical fixed asset and its emotional contents creating the new Building Emotion identity.

Building an awesome UX Whether you view “building” as a noun or a verb, we as an industry need to create Awesome User Experiences.

Humanistic Digital Inclusion Look, Listen, Feel and Think before Reacting.

Messaging as a Platform: The State of Human to Machine Communications

Intel adopting Project-Haystack.orgIntel

This is worth a read on wireless ways

Today, the vast majority of commercial buildings tend to lack this infrastructure and the reason has largely been due to cost. Owner-funded solutions are expensive capital outlays and often unreliable. Carrier-funded solutions are a rarity and do nothing to ensure multiple carriers are supported inside the building. Airwavz set out early to figure out how to reduce costs and get all carriers connected. 

This is interesting take by Glenn @ HarbourResearch

Hardware OEMs literally have no choice but to embrace the creation of code. The questions are: How, where, and to what ends?

Software Players

I share a few thoughts below,f my shot from the hip to answer the questions

My Take
Siemens buying Comfy & J2 Innovation + others building all new software into new products
International acceptance of BACnet & Haystack
Intel making Haystack available at a chip level  

Cheap open build for IP microcomputers controllers now with Haystack  

My take on Home integration market is leading the charge  

As HVAC moves to connected products they will do this by creating products using BACnet Haystack because they are expected to be part of the integration of an old and new building
Several open low-cost products they can buy or develop themselves as part of their product that come with these standards and other IP standards as well as wireless all embedded in the edge device

These edge devices will allow never before achieved analytics of their equipment and direct connection to their client/user of their products
Tradition North American HVAC manufactures will be driven by Asian connected home like products wireless remote and mobile phone connections are a given

Master System Integrators MSI, Consultants, and owner have to prevent them from developing their own one-off complex operating systems and make all equipment open to all buildings and city integration by supporting standards

Only if we ask for it...big smile we need to create a plan


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