March / April  2004

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Our interview section allows busy industry leaders to quickly provide insight into rapidly evolving industry issues. If you have subject matter or industry issues you would like insight into or would like to be interviews yourself contact us.

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BuilConn 2004 - Update

Anto Budiardjo, President of Clasma, Inc.,

If you plan to work in the area of integrated and intelligent buildings, in the area of the convergence of Building and IT, there is only one place to be in the middle of April - BuilConn in Dallas.

The "Interoperable Blues Band"

Leighton Wolffe, Director, Energy Partner Program, WebGen Systems

In the spirit of BuilConn, the IBB is all about players in the industry playing together, in this case literally. 

XML Pavilion

Anno Scholten, VP eStructures

The XML Pavilion will feature technology demonstrations showing the extensive potential of XML and Web Services in a cross-section of the buildings industry including security, HVAC, gateway, enterprise and IT solution providers of technology.

Connecting enterprise energy management systems

Ron Brown, CTO, Gridlogix, Inc 

The market is searching for a specialized IT centric Enterprise Application Integration framework designed to turn automation and control systems and their devices into easily accessible data sources for business systems.

Building Automation: Open Systems Today and Tomorrow

Dirk Mahling, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, WebGen Systems.

Thus open protocols open the domain of buildings and energy control to the advances already seen in other fields such as computerized medical diagnosis, image stabilization, or automated battlefield management.

Trane and the next 25 years in controls

Jay Althof, Vice President of Controls Product Planning and Support,
Trane, Global Controls and Contracting 

Information technology and the Web is the future of controls platforms. Trane is committed to playing a role that best helps develop the promise of XML-based systems.

Relationship marketing in today's HVAC industry

Gordon Newman, Marketing Coordinator, Greystone Energy Systems Inc.

Relationship marketing is developing a close bond with your customer by dealing with them on a personal level. 

Wireless M2M Communications over Cellular Data Networks

Philip Sencer, Senior Vice President, Profile Systems, LLC.

We communicate to our controllers located at a customer's site and have the ability to schedule, turn-on, turn-off, monitor and control lighting, HVAC and other critical components. 

Do you think all products will become commodities?

Tracy Markie, President, Engenuity Systems, Inc.

We see most of the non-systems products going down the commodity route. These would include end devices such as sensors and actuators as well as network infrastructure devices like routers and gateways.

What is M2M?

Glen Allmendinger, President, Harbor Research, Inc.

The upcoming M2M Expo is really the first large scale conference and exhibition for the M2M space. 

Buildy Awards Program FAQ

Tish Smith, Director of Client Services, Clasma Inc.

The Buildy Awards are a new initiative to recognize key contributors to the building systems industry, contributors who make the vision of integrated and intelligent buildings a step to reality.

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