March 2007

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New Developments in the Digital Signage Field

  Review of new products from

I am always interested in new developments in the Digital Signage field because they present new ways of getting our message to our clients and providing simple visual and audio interaction with building clients and of course allow us valuable two way visual/audio communications for life safety reasons. I would like to bring these two products from to your attention.

We are launching some new products in our Digital Signage Line:

OpticVision - Long range player-to-screen multimedia extension using optic fiber - DS OpticVision

DS Vision 3000 - CATx Video, Audio & Serial Distribution System DS  -  DS Vision 3000

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Total distribution & control  The test of any digital signage network is whether it can deliver rich multimedia content from player to distant screens while maintaining perfect image and sound quality, every time. DS Vision 3000 narrowcasts high-definition video and stereo-audio from a single player, over CATx cable, to multiple plasma/LCD screens located up to 300m/1000ft away. Combined with full serial command, the DS Vision 3000 is the ultimate solution for controlling and delivering real-time multimedia content.

Freedom to put your screens where you want

With extended range, DS Vision 3000 gives you the freedom to set-up your LCD/plasma screens at any desired location, without fear of compromising your media quality and safe in the knowledge that your media player is out of sight and out of unauthorized hands. Whether multiple-screen timetables and advertisements, or single-screen bulletins, signs and training aids, DS Vision 3000 delivers your message, picture perfect, every time.

Full multimedia extension

DS OpticVision is a long range optical fiber extender delivering high resolution video images and stereo-audio from player to plasma/LCD screens up to 30 kilometres (19 miles) away. The system comes fully plug-and-play and can be used either as a standalone extender, as a standalone distribution system, or in combination with Minicomís CATx-based distribution systems.

Realize your digital signage potential

With DS OpticVisionís comprehensive coverage, you can set up your media player kilometers from the display screens. Alternatively, install screens in new distant locations away from your main screen cluster. For dispersed installations, connect the systemís receivers to Minicomís AVDS or DS Vision 3000 to give instant kilometres of transmission range for hundreds of screens and multiple screen clusters. Whatever the application, whatever the size catchment area, DS OpticVision leverages the full potential of your digital signage investment.

Realize your digital signage potential

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