May 2006

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The Nights before the Roundtable   Ken Sinclair

The nights and the days before the first ever Cisco roundtable are rapidly passing. As we all burn the midnight oil to ready for BuilConn 2006 Palm Springs we all are wondering what will happen at the first ever industry roundtable that includes all kind of players from many perspectives.  If you are not aware, Cisco Systems is sponsoring a roundtable discussion on IT Convergence & Building Automation, Tuesday 16-May-2006 in Palm Spring at this year's BuilConn.  As a major player in the networking industry, Cisco seeks to open a dialogue with key building automation players to establish leadership in the development of this groundbreaking solution worldwide.

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I am very pleased to be one of participants at this table.  The list of roundtable attendees is a list of the industry's who's who.

Will this first round table meeting evolve to the status of the original roundtables of old in which the Arthurian knights sat with King Arthur around a circular table, which became the focal point of fellowship between knights? Will the famous heroes and champions of just cause in our industry unite under a common IP flag?

The purpose of this roundtable is to discuss the needs of building owners and the issues regarding the supply of products and services; the context of the roundtable is the increasing adoption of IP-centric systems in building systems.

This by-invitation-only session will be a moderated discussion by participants regarding a number of key questions and challenges to deliver connected buildings.

There is no doubt that the feelings and directions that evolve out of this first ever roundtable will seep into the halls and gathering places in the following days of BuilConn. When BuilConn is over will the famous heroes and champions of just cause in our industry united by the roundtable simply ride off into the sunset or will the knights of the roundtable reconvene to further their mutual cause?

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I look forward to providing a summary of this exciting ground swelling event in our June issue.


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