May 2006

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The Interoperable Blues Band (IBB) will have a number of new faces

  Leighton Wolffe

IBB Preview

The Interoperable Blues Band (IBB) will have a number of new faces this year. BuilConn 2006 is bringing together IT based companies into the world of building automation and true to the spirit of interoperability, players from these diverse industries are also participating in the IBB.

BuilConn is indeed fortunate to have once again, inimitable showman Graham Neill leading the band. Since we saw him last year, he has been on an around the world tour taking him to San Francisco, Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore, Dubai, and the Maldives Islands. Graham is currently touring New England with the Band of Wolves headlining select clubs and festivals and also performing in shows with Blues legends Honeyboy Edwards and Luther Guitar Jr. Johnson. When in England, Graham hangs with his friend Brian May of Queen and performs with his band that includes Brian Moore’s rhythm section.

 Brian May and Graham Neill

 Brian May and Graham Neill

Some of the featured performers and sponsors of the IBB this year include Bill Gnerre - CEO of Interval Data Systems, John Morris - VP Americas with Jennic, Mark Pacelle -VP Marketing and Business Development with Spinwave, Jack McGowan CEO of Energy Control Systems performing an acoustic set with Keith Gipson of MyFacility, Tridium and the Echelon Percussion Section led by Jeremy Roberts and Ron Bernstein.

Control Solutions, Inc The IBB has more sponsor slots open and room for more players so contact Leighton Wolffe to learn more about performing with the IBB and the promotional and marketing benefits of backing this exciting group of industry players.

We’ll see you Wednesday night!

Did you catch last month's interview with Leighton on the IBB?

IBB Back at BuilConn 2006! Leighton Wolffe
The IBB seems to have taken on a life of its own with people interested in joining us on stage.

Want to see how much fun we have had in the past?

First Night Performance of the Interoperable Blues Band



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