May 2006

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Our Votes for this year's BuilConn Buildy awards

  Ken Sinclair

The categories for Buildy 2006 are:

New Products
Past Issues

Control Solutions, Inc

Vision – Presented to the industry professional who best demonstrates a vision of whole building integration and interoperability through advocacy, promotion, educational and training endeavors.
Initiative – Presented to a company or organization that has shown or launched a key initiative to enable or otherwise forward the subject of integrated and intelligent buildings (New in 2006).
Best Integration Project – Presented to a systems integrator who demonstrates the ability to efficiently integrate a wide array of building systems together and successfully enable operation over a corporate IT infrastructure.
Best New Product – Presented to a manufacturer whose new product or service overcame a significant challenge, enhanced, or simplified the integration process.
Best Building – Presented to the building owner or consultant with the most progressive building technology supporting the vision of whole building integration. The building must be currently occupied.
Honor those (or yourself) in the industry whose Vision, Initiative, Product or Project supports Building-IT convergence by nominating them for a Buildy.

Our nomination for Visionary of the year is our contributing editor John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM President Energy Control Inc.

Jack is The Smart Grid Vision Track Leader: John J. Mc Gowan, CEM, CLEP, CDSM, CCP
Wednesday May-17-2006

 To learn more read this month's interview with Jack.

GridWise™ Expo Co-Located with BuilConn®  Jack Mc Gowan, President of Energy Control Inc
BuilConn participants will learn how the Intelligent Building has morphed into the Intelligent Enterprise and is on the way to the World Wide Grid. GridWise was a topic at BuilConn last year, but it is a strong force this year. Dramatic events and price spikes in the energy world combined with a continuing emphasis on interoperability, and a national focus on business developments in the “Energy Space” make this a must participate event.

Jack’s vision and long term involvement with GridWise plus his continuing efforts to educate our industry about the benefits of GridWise propelled me to nominate him for this award. Jack is well versed on what has happened and what the future holds for GridWise and is more than willing to share his thoughts. Jack is one of our contributing editors and sits on the DOE GridWise Architecture Council and the Energy and Power Management Technical Advisory Board.

In addition Jack's involvement in making the GridWise Constitutional Convention actually happen was amazing,

The ASHRAE BACnet™ standards committee, known for developing the leading standard for intelligent buildings communication, announced at AHR that the protocol has been amended to include a GridWise Object, or data type. Why is this significant? It is a clear indicator that the Intelligent Building world and the GridWise, smart grid world are taking serious notice of one another. How to go Jack!

Jack has been instrumental in organizing the first ever GridWise Exposition for Palm Springs

The smart grid envisions an interoperable system that leverages information technology and automated systems to meet demand. Companies like Tridium have embraced this notion, and Jack has been invited to speak at the Niagara Summit on GridWise as well. In addition, Tridium will be hosting a meeting of the GridWise Business working group to discuss an action plan for the next year as part of the Niagara Summit

Jack's comment; I believe GridWise will spawn the next generation of killer apps in the building space. These will be high powered information based tools that leverage the power of building automation along with access to information from a variety of sources through the internet.

Jack is even willing to sing for his supper in the Interoperable Blues Band.  IBB  is gearing up with some new talent. Jack McGowan is teaming up with Keith Gipson to perform four songs.

Please support our vote for Jack as this year's Buildy Visionary. It is a strong field of visionaries as you can see from the following list of finalists.

contemporary List of Finalists for Buildy 2006

Vision – This award will be presented to the industry professional who best demonstrates a vision of whole building integration and interoperability through advocacy, promotion, educational and training endeavors.

 John Petze - take look at this blast from the past March 2000, John tells us the way long before Tridium.... It is hard to image John without Tridium.

The Benefits of Ethernet to Building Automation - Ethernet is the information connectivity utility, and this makes Ethernet running TCP/IP the protocol to bet on for open systems going forward.  

John Petze

Mar 00

From March 00 to now has been an amazing journey for John which he sums up in this interview The acquisition of Tridium by Honeywell

Both Jim and Tim have also been writing us interviews and great articles over the years. Tim's last interview is on his Web Services Track at BuilConn

It will be a hard fought fight this year and in our minds they are all visionaries as well as legends in our industry.

Jane and I will be very pleased to turn over our visionary of the year 2005 award to any of this extraordinary gentlemen.


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