May 2015

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Social Media Interface

Interfacing with your companies Self-Learning Knowledge Sharing Platforms with some Slack.

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From last month's start on a review of learning platforms, I am slowly learning to think virtually younger and I share some more thoughts about that journey and some of the Social Media Interface required in this month's review.

To make any sense of all this you need a quick read of last month's review as this review pick up where that one stopped.

Self-Learning Knowledge Sharing Platforms

How internal company Wikipedia and other virtual knowledge sharing platforms allows Creating Self-Learning Cultures which attracts self-learning assets.

I am still hoping that I can learn to think younger, learn to try to think like them. Here are some of my thoughts this month listed below about this journey. Give me your feedback.

It is not about using any one social media platform, it is about using them all and then being able to find and index valuable discussions that are occurring simultaneously. 

The ability to allow all employees to interact easily can be handled with a common group email address to document general discussions chats and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that are of interest to all. This involves everyone in the knowledge platform building process.

It is also important to have the equivalent of mom's frig door, a common virtual place to post the achievements and success of all for all to see. This should include both work related and personal achievements.

A library of links to online related training needs to be developed by all employees under the training coordinators guidance. This needs to evolve in several social media formats and most have a method of indexing.

Use of an interactive survey can be useful in gathering combined opinions of how to make knowledge platforms better and suggest changes.

You Tube is a very powerful social media format that lets us see and hear what people are talking about. But the sheer numbers are overwhelming. Using the play list which should be  assembled by both those teaching and learning, leaves a cookie crumb trail for those that follow.

Anytime someone creates a resource that might be useful as part of our learning platform we need to connect to it, we need to provide a bit of preamble so those using it know what it is. There are amazing resources already online that I find daily that need to be shared. Of course this has to be controlled by the training manager to insure the content of the self learning knowledge platform meets the goals of the company. We also need to search to see if anything we are creating in our knowledge platform already exists. Much easier to link to than create.

As much as possible we need to have the Self-Learning Knowledge Sharing Platforms built by users or better yet automatically if possible, but close guidance by training manager is required.

Allowing online access to "Virtual PCs" for all allows sharing of the resources of the machine, particular services such as owned licensed software and other required resources and or hardware setup. This can greatly reduce setup time for specialized functions and services that need to be shared with many but only for particular tasks.

We all need to experiment using new apps that bridge over many online resources like Slack.

I was surprised and amazed by the amount of apps folks are now using these days.

Creating a online Sandbox for employee to build and play their company new ideas.  The Sandbox is a safe place to play and explore new ideas that will improve and expand business. Give staff the opportunity to explore their ideas and help coach them on internal selling and development process to bring them to a changed and growing company.

This are just a few of the thoughts that crossed my mind as I worked to better understand what creating a Self-Learning Knowledge Sharing Platforms might mean.

Please provide your input on must have pieces for the platform. I will post this on several LinkedIn groups to get feedback. I find it interesting the responses I get from educators and other industries, it seems we are all struggling as to how to best build what has never been built.

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