November & December 2005  

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Editorial Comments by Ken Sinclair

Letters to the editor

December 2005 Lots of new fresh content for our December issue, we were pleased to find our email box stuffed with articles and interviews plus several reviews to share with you. In addition lots of press releases and new products. The industry is very busy innovating and reorganizing and generally get on with the movement to IT ways, it is a very good time to be in the news business.

This news just in; MINNEAPOLIS - (Nov. 30, 2005) - Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that it has acquired Tridium, Inc., a privately held software-development company based in Richmond, Va. with subsidiaries in London and Singapore. Tridium will continue to operate as a separate business entity within Honeywell's Environmental and Combustion Controls (ECC) business. Honeywell: Completes Acquisition of Tridium. It seems that all our control industry leaders are acquisition targets as the major companies improve their connections from our industry to the IT world.

More info on the new IT kids on the block in Comments on Amsterdam and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Also a new organization is brewing New in 2006―BACnet International and Echelon has both a review of Paris LonWorld and an interview about their new Pyxos™ Embedded Control Networks

At the up coming in Chicago the halls will be filled with chatter and excitement as our traditional control industry starts to comprehend the significance of all this IT repositioning.

We welcome Invensys Building Systems as our newest advertiser.  Invensys Building Systems is part of a growing family with a long and proud tradition of global leadership in building controls technology. We offer the most extensive line of controls and components available to today's market, including valve bodies, valve assemblies, actuation devices and sensors, as well as interfaces and automated systems that link these products and other building systems together.

December also welcomes the return of PureChoice as an advertiser.  PureChoice has been developing and using IAQ sensing and data management technologies since 1992. To date, we have logged hundreds of thousand IAQ monitoring hours.

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October was a busy month for with over 75,000 visits to our web site, our highest ever. A great month for BACnet as well; see Jon Williamson's review The Freedom of BACnet® Rings True.  I have heard lots of good things about this event from several folks.

Also there are new kids on the block......... and they are giants!  Be sure to read this Cisco Systems & Hewlett Packard Platinum Sponsors and tell me what you think it all means. Also be sure  to catch our e-mail Interview with CPRZ Team, Doug Smith of Richards-Zeta, Jeff Paliga of Panduit and Dave Clute of Cisco and me. IT folks are coming and this has inspired me to title my December column for Engineered System "Guess Who is Coming to Dinner" watch our December issue for more on this. These events are harbingers of the true integration with the enterprise. These IT folks are enterprise masters, what Chief Information Office can run their enterprise without the aid of these two giants. This cultural clash heralds the start of our true convergence with the enterprise.

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Just in from Helsinki Finland Healthy buildings – a healthier planet plus Paul provides What is an Intelligent Building? Part 2: Intelligent Building Construction and Operation and Tom writes Building Automation Industry Cries for Valuation Tools CABA IIBC Delivers.

Anto writes: As far as ib2005 the subjects covered were very new and interesting. The breadth of discussions range from the reason of a necessary review of how we use and building buildings, to the changing work habits of people in general, to the impact of IT and convergence to other technologies affecting intelligent buildings, such as facade's and building material and architecture. A lot of this was then tied into a nice bow on a discussion about the value of it all, and a final challenge if in fact we need intelligent buildings if our reliance of "offices" will decline significantly as more people work from home and the road.

So, between the six events above (over 5 weeks) we have the whole gambit of issues in buildings, from specific (and limiting) technology focus (LonWorks & BACnet), to intelligent buildings (ib2005), to indoor environment (Clima), IT convergence (BuilConn) and energy and the electric grid (GridWise).

This in from the Executive Director "BIG-RU" Association The article "BACnet in field level" was prepared by the request of "Mirax-City" company (investor of Federation Tower).

You can read this article here:

The idea of this article came from "Mirax-City"

They decided that BACnet should be in all building automation levels. And the most unknown was the "field level" and possibilities of BACnet companies to support necessary technical decisions for field level.

I hope this information will be interesting for you and I'd like to thank one more time authors who participated in this article.

Best regards,Andrey Golovin, BACnet Interest Group Russia

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As I always say, it is a great time to be in the news business for our industry

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