November 2013

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FREE tool to follow industry events

Introducing PointView: the event social network.

Anto Budiardjo,
Founder & Chief
PointView, Inc.

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PointView I’ve spent the last decade running events and conferences, and it’s clear to me that meetings are a vital part of any developing industry; very little progress is made without “pressing the flesh”. Modern day online tools and availability of venues and services has created a large opportunity for events, catering to meetings focused on both broad and narrow subjects in building automation.

The result: a plethora of events almost every week of the year.

How do we manage and keep track of those events? How do we know who is going to what event, and whether or not we should go too? How can we make sure we meet the right people at the right events and how can we make sure to squeeze the most productivity out of our time?

Until now, these were difficult questions to answer. In the past we’ve been at the mercy of online resources like with event lists, and ad-hoc dialog with industry peers. There has to be a better way!

I would like to introduce you to PointView: the event social network. What does PointView do?

  1. PointView is a crowdsourced event list.  If you don’t find an event there, add it.
  2. Lets you know who is going to which events.
  3. PointView provides rich history of people’s past and future activities, it’s a great research tool.
  4. Use PointView to follow events of interest to you. You will get updates as News Feeds.
  5. As a social network, when you follow an event, others in your network will be alerted.
  6. You will be alerted when people in your network express an interest in an event.
  7. PointView allows commenting and reviews of events, giving a view of what people think of events.

The best part is that PointView is FREE for you to use! So how do you start?

contemporary To get you going, click on one of the links below, they are PointView profiles of industry players. Once you start browsing, at some point, PointView will ask you to login. Login using your email or your LinkedIn account. To follow an event, click the Follow Event button; you will then see news about that event on the News page (click on the PointView logo).

Once you login, you too will have your own profile page.  It will be in the format where the number (e.g., 108 for Ken Sinclair) will be your user ID (which you’ll see in your browser’s address bar). Share your link with your contacts so they can see what events you are following and planning to attend.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of this new tool. I’m available at


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