October 2006

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Brian ThompsonConnectivityWeek Amsterdam & SingaporeEMAIL INTERVIEW  Brian Thompson & Ken Sinclair

Brian Thompson
Founder, Managing Director



Automated Machine Diagnostics

This year we will project videos of the FDDI engine working on real machines and have a fan that visitors can control on the Internet with a 3D control.

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Sinclair:  Brian, I see that you will be participating at the European Connectivity Week in Amsterdam.

ThompsonYes, we have attended Clasma’s BuilConn and M2M Expo events since they started in Dallas. We have learned a lot from the conference sessions and found them to be a leading indicator of where our industry is heading. They have influenced Sensus M.I. core adopted technologies, but maybe the biggest benefit has been the key partnerships we have made.

Sinclair:  Last year in Amsterdam you exhibited with a real air conditioning machine in your stand where visitors could simulate problems that your FDDI (Fault Detection Diagnosis & Impact) engine would detect on web pages in close to real time. Will you exhibit this year?

ThompsonYes, this will be our third time exhibiting. This year we will project videos of the FDDI engine working on real machines and have a fan that visitors can control on the Internet with a 3D control.

Sinclair:  How does an Internet controlled fan relate to the themes of Connectivity Week?

ThompsonThe fan represents some of what our hosted Intelesurveillance system can offer and it gives visitors the chance to cause warnings and alarms and see a variety of notifications result. Modbus data will come directly from the fan’s PLC and wirelessly be sent to an Internet connection using a ZigBee mesh network. It is common that machines are far from Internet connections or the supervisory PC, so wireless can really make the solution feasible. Our servers will convert the data to XML / Web Services and analyze it. The analysis results are also in the form of a web service and can be used in interactive reports or graphs and to notify with emails, SMS, phone calls or a RSS feed.  We believe that Sensus M.I. is a great example of a company with solutions that fall into the BuilConn, M2M, Wi-tivity, ibX, and even GridWise categories.

Sinclair:  So you mean that I can now have diagnostic information about my machines and building right under the latest AutomatedBuildings.com news and hockey scores that are in MyYahoo page?

ThompsonYou have the idea!

contemporary Sinclair:  What sessions are you speaking in?

Thompson I am most excited about the chance to lead a session on FDDI (Fault Detection Diagnostics and Impact), which I have written a couple of articles on for AutomatedBuildings.com. I am then participating in Tim Huneycutt’s industry diverse Web Services Workshop on Tuesday. Tim has gained a reputation as a leader of Web Services in our industry working with Gridlogix. There will be a very interesting ‘show and tell’ session in the afternoon. Finally, I am participating in a session that discusses how web services can be a big benefit to wireless devices. In my presentations I try to emphasize real commercial applications and tangible monetary benefits of the technologies being discussed at the event.

Sinclair:  Looks like you will have a busy week!

ThompsonI am looking forward to seeing everyone there!  It is always exciting to network and discuss how strengths can be combined in partnerships resulting in better solutions to enhance our industry.

For more information contact Brian Thompson at b.Thompson@sensusmi.com  / www.sensusmi.com


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