October 2011

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Ken Sinclair
Comments by Ken Sinclair
Publisher - AutomatedBuildings.com

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Discussions by many on what "Open" might mean has created a lot of industry interest. 

AutomatedBuildings.com is definitely open and we invite you to come on in and share your thoughts on what open means to you and how we might best achieve an open industry.

We have provided links to several months of discussions in Our Ongoing Open Control Programming Language Discussions.  We would be pleased to start other open discussions.

Please join the active discussions occurring on Linkedin groups which we have provided links to.
Linkedin is a great place to start a discussion it allows you to gauge industry interest, opinion, and insight before writing an article for our online magazine.

Lots more open information in all our articles, columns, interviews and reviews

A sneak preview!  We just posted our 2012 AHR Expo Education Sessions 

4 Free Sessions on How to Make Sustainability and Energy Visible. This is our 13 year of providing free sessions at AHRExpo which is in Chicago this year. Plan to come out and share your thoughts.

We welcome our newest sponsor Daintree Networks.  Daintree provides the industry’s leading wireless controls solution for lighting and more, delivering substantial energy efficiency improvements and occupant-friendly work environments, all in a more cost-effective way than ever before.

Tell all our sponsors you saw their ads on the AutomatedBuildings.com web site and thank them for supporting your free access to evolving Automated Building Industry information. Click on their ads and view their valuable products and services. Please review all Our Sponsors

I am assembling a self-maintained global network of "Who is Who in building automation". Presently my network includes over 2680 please join us.

Please join our Group on Linkedin now over 730 and interact with our magazine & online resource in real time while sharing your thoughts with our editors and other readers around the world.

The news just keeps flowing thru our web site and RSS feeds daily, and of course the only way to truly find what you are looking for in the vast quantity of information on our site is with our site search engine http://www.automatedbuildings.com/search/sitesearch.htm

As always lots of new products, plus be sure to check our event calendar to see the number of events we have in our future.

Editorial from September 2011

Send comments and suggestions to news@automatedbuildings.com


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