October 2015

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Using a CMMS system to enhance EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)

Daily routine and constant demands for higher productivity require suitable and flexible safety concept that must comply with regulations and standards.

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When you installed your CMMS system, you may have had a major reason. Now that it is up and running, you may want to be aware of many additional features that it can help you manage. Each facility has a requirement to ensure the safety of both employees as well as customers. Along with safety, each facility has a requirement to ensure the health of each employee and customer. And these days there is a requirement that your facility meets environment targets. Well, CMMS systems can be easily used to help you meet each of those requirements.

Before you engage your CMMS system it would be very helpful for you to obtain and fully understand your company’s requirements and targets for each of these fields. Then you can begin to find the sensors and the connections for those sensors that can be attached to your CMMS system.

For example, you may need to have a preventive maintenance target for each asset in your facility. This would be the moment for you to make sure that each sensor is properly connected and tuned to the target that you need that will alert you when there is an event looming that will be out of target. For example, furnace was running too long or continuously, or humidity sensor showing wrong reading.

You may need to examine the operating target for operating equipment that “could” result in air emissions that are unsafe for employees working on or near that process. This is an opportunity for you to install measuring equipment and sensors that via your CMMS system will immediately alert you to this event.

CMMS software is designed to be simple to use, but adopting it to enhance Environment, Health and Safety can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don’t have a good strategy from the beginning. These are some tips for an efficient CMMS implementation.

Cautious Data Gathering

During this stage, discreetly gather a list of all users, businesses, and assets including equipment, buildings, and inventory. For assets, assemble preventive maintenance procedures.

Add Assets in an Environment-Friendly Manner

Normally you want to work from the top of the asset hierarchy down. If you add equipment first, you’d have to go back and update its location, and as such compromise its safety. The best way is to start with the big things and then go smaller. That way, you can guarantee safety and health of the users.

Add Your Safety Schedule Maintenance

You now have your assets in the system, so it’s time to set up that preventive maintenance. You want the system to notify you when a component in the work flow is not working as expected.

How the Use of CMMS Software Is Enhancing EHS

Facilities conceal hazards. Daily routine and constant demands for higher productivity require suitable and flexible safety concept that must comply with regulations and standards. The safety of assets and facilities is a complex issue today. Inadequate facility maintenance management software means incalculable risks for personnel and machinery, and also potential production losses. Asset maintenance managers who want to prevail long term in the maintenance management cannot afford any risks. Machine guidelines, safety standards, risk assessments need to be computerized. CMMS offers competent answers to this and has comprehensive solution concepts for the safety of your machines and plants.

Facilities Maintenance Management is only as strong as its weakest link. For your failsafe facility, this means that all components must make an equal contribution to its functional safety. CMMS software offers a comprehensive safety product range for the complete asset maintenance system. From stand-alone machines up to the integrated solution, CMMS is always divided into the specific safe functionalities: safe inputs, safe logic, and safe outputs. In other words, safe sensors for inputs, safe controls for logic, safe drivers, circuit breakers and further actuators for controlling the process. All components can be combined as desired in an integrated safety system. These results in safety solutions matched to your requirements, solutions that you can expand without problems. It allows you to meet your current requirements and to remain flexible for future demands

Asset safety integration is the integration of safety-related functions directly into the management system, and it also offers system-wide integration into the automation system as a permanent component of totally integrated automation. This offers convincing benefits such as lower costs and fewer components, as well as simple engineering and improved diagnostics. CMMS is easy to configure and is the hallmark for user friendliness. With cleverly integrated safety engineering, CMMS ensures maximum productivity of your management solutions and critical industrial controls for safety applications. It is a low-cost solution with a wide range of products and services that include sensors modular evaluation, units and actuators.

CMMS Best Practices for EHS Enhancement

Add only verified users and businesses to the system: You can do this manually, by adding one at a time or you can import an entire listing using the import tool.

Train your personnel. Training increases user adoption and outlines best practices. So it is the most important investment when implementing any software. Properly trained personnel are more likely to adopt the system to environmental requirements, improve the system safety, and protect their health.

Review, renew and refine. This is the most important step. It is an ongoing process to generate more useful information from the CMMS. For example, customize the application by creating asset sub-categories, so that personnel can easily identify the type of assets. Create user groups to ensure technicians do not get confusing information.

Eagle Technology Proteus MMX Software

Eagle Technology is not just a vendor of CMMS products. We view ourselves as partners with our customers in improving their operations and maintenance. Proteus MMX is a scalable solution that has embedded automation to PC based controllers and distributed devices for all environments.


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