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Articles - October 2016
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Creators and Makers  Once we have tested and allowed a few of our friends to play with the controller we will be looking to fund a much larger run with the final design. Kickstarter or Indiegogo will be chosen to help us get the controller out to more individuals. - Clayton Plymill & George Young

Smart Commercial Buildings Show their Importance to The Internet Of Things  In this new era our smart buildings have become a key aspect of the IoT, connecting all manner of objects and systems to optimise performance and enhance the way we live and work. - James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

Digital Transformation  Why it's important to your organization? - Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

New Release of S4 BACnet-N2 Router  This document will walk you through the user interface of 1.30, highlighting the new features and summarizing some of the existing features to assist in system installation and configuration. - Steve Jones, Founder and Managing Partner, The S4 Group Inc

Energy Management Lessons from Star Trek  The right technologies allow people to treat the world as a collection of data sources, ready for analysis. - David Doll, Industry Principal, Facilities and Energy Management, OSIsoft, LLC.

Engaging Tenants to Achieve Energy Conservation Goals  By informing tenants of metrics such as the time of day they are using the most energy and what pieces of equipment are the largest consumers, consciousness improves and tenants are more willing to make day-to-day changes. - Wei-En Tan, VP of Market Operations & Strategy, MACH Energy

Buildings as Dynamical Systems  Part Two: Impact of Occupancy on a Building  -  Michael Georgescu, Ph.D., Director of Engineering and Research, Ecorithm, Inc.

Clean, Cheap and Profitable  Boosting Real Estate Valuations the Easy Way - Carter Williams, President and CEO, iSelect.

Cybersecurity of Building Automation Systems  Report on a Private Round Table Discussion - Pook-Ping Yao, CEO, Optigo Networks, Moderator

Climate Action, Digitalization and the Opportunity to Reenergize the Buildings Industry  Climate laws and agreements are being enacted, and big building technology companies like Siemens are positioning to come out heroes with even healthier businesses. - Therese Sullivan, Principal, BuildingContext Ltd

Automated Continuous Commissioning  After application of continuous commissioning, technicians can focus on problems with the highest energy savings potential or probability of comfort violation. - Jan Široký, Research Team Leader, Energocentrum Plus

Control Solutions, Inc Columns - October 2016

Build your Brand with Instagram  Leverage “Visual” Social Media to gain followers and increase sales - Manny Mandrusiak, Executive Director, Q College, and Q Academy

Controls Project Life Cycle The focus this month is on that cycle and some of the challenges related to the design and delivery of controls systems.  - Paul Ehrlich & Ira Goldschmidt, Building Intelligence Group

The Self Learning Edge Revolution  In the future programing will become less significant or not at all and edge controllers will just simply learn what to do. - Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings

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