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  Comments by Ken Sinclair
Publisher - AutomatedBuildings.com

October - "Collaboration, Integration, Education”
 We need to better understand the complex mosaic of our collaborative teams. To do the simplest of tasks we need to collaborate which includes people, devices, apps, databases, electrical grids and much more.  


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handFrom our October theme, Collaboration, Integration, Education. we need to better understand the complex mosaic of our collective collaborative teams which we now were are all part of. We are now required to work with the strangest of bedfellows and it's in addition to that, there's our close relationship with edge devices, clouds, apps, AI databases, and the rapid evolving electrification of everything. The sustainability of the electrical grids rapidly evolution depends on everything collaborating. So collaboration and understanding what it is we need to collaborate with is our goal

This caught my eye is a white paper on AI benefits  on the grid energy transformation. "The efforts to decarbonize the global energy system are leading to an increasingly integrated and electrified energy system, with much more interaction between the power, transport, industry and building sectors. The move to decarbonize the energy supply is also leading to high levels of decentralization in the power sector. This will require much higher levels of coordination and flexibility from all sector players – including consumers – in order to manage this increasingly complex system and optimize it for minimal greenhouse gas emissions."

That's is very interesting, because that's all going to be more control, more collaboration, more integration, and more education.

This also caught my eye, a discussion between Brian Turner, Nicholas, our contributing editor, Knowledge transformation, solving metadata interoperability challenges in practice .

Extremely please with the industry's collaboration to put together our education sessions for AHRExpo 2020 Vegas. We have 12 free education sessions proposed. Our theme is navigating the adoption of smarter buildings with sustainable BAS.

ahr2022 Las Vegas AHR Expo Educational Sessions  our 22st year presenting at AHRExpo.com

The AHR Expo (International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition) will return to Las Vegas Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2022, after a forced cancellation in 2021 planned for Chicago. The highly anticipated 2022 Show will be the industry’s first major in-person gathering following pandemic shutdowns. Registration is free and attendees are encouraged to register early on ahrexpo.com. Show management is elated to sound the horn, “We’re back!”

AutomatedBuildings.com is extremely pleased to provide free education sessions at the Vegas show.

We need an industry image change from a discussion with input from the UK at Monday Live

We have a perception that were about dirty water in pipe when that's not really what we do. We were about high tech making buildings perform efficiently and maximizing the user experience of those buildings and occupant comfort. We have pool of motivated and highly taught and educated engineers coming into the marketplace. But we're not describing ourselves adequately. But we don't talk about what we do. We talk about how we make valves and actuators dance. In reality, we're making buildings work. And that's exciting. But we don't talk about that. That's not how we market ourselves. We need to tell the story about how we make these buildings work, and how we take this technology these students have learned through schools and colleges, and how it can be applied, I think what we do is very exciting. It's about attracting the talent of those enthusiastic young people. Attract, retain them, and develop a regime to replace that old apprenticeship system that those big four manufacturers used to follow. So we need to have a structured training program to retain, develop, harness and energize those enthusiastic young people. This is an opportunity, not a threat. ....Amen!

This is a great article on growning the indusrty.

DIY Recruiting – Part one (of three) Skip Freeman, Senior Technical Recruiter, BASI Solutions, Inc

Our contribuitng editor Scott Cochrane the host of our AHRExpo sessions and IBcon expresses his fustration with IoT collaboration in this article

BYE I T! - Well that’s it, I’m officially dropping the gauntlet
Lots of great articles and interviews and new products in this issue, check them out.

WE ARE THE COALITION FOR SMARTER BUILDINGS We envision a world where people live, learn, work, and play in healthy, comfortable, and productive built-spaces, enabled by smart digital technologies that ensure sustainable and economically responsible development and operation.

Using the Monday Live - Open Source Stack Tool

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Editorial from September 2021

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