September 2006

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Presents Seamless Communication from Field to Management Levels at BuilConn in Amsterdam

Hans-Jörg Schweinzer (LOYTEC),
Serge LeMen (Newron System),
Harald Hasenclever (SVEA)
Gert-Ulrich Vack (SysMik)

Loytec, Newron System, SVEA and SysMik will present their product and tool solutions for LonMark/IP-852 systems at BuilConn in Amsterdam (Oct. 3-5).

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BuilConnLOYTEC ( is the supplier of the L-CORE technology based on their LC-3020 chip. Their protocol stacks implement communication protocols according to the European standards EN-14908 (EIA/CEA-709 and 852) supporting TP/FT-10 and IP communication and to the ISO standard 16484-5 (BACnet) supporting MS/TP and IP communication.  Their LIP IP-852 router family of products as well as their LVIS color touch display for IP-852 have been successfully used in many projects. LOYTEC will show brand new products for IP-852 such as the EIA-709 multi channel gateway L-Proxy, the EIA709/BACnet Gateway L-Gate and the embedded server L-OPC.

Newron System ( is the European supplier of standard network management tools using LNS-turbo edition. NLSuite includes a range of project design and service tools for easy network design and installation for both, TP/FT-10 and IP-852 channels. NLFacilities is a totally new approach to simplify the creation of large networks and to considerably save engineering costs by hiding technology details and enabling a graphical approach.

SVEA Building Control Systems ( is one of the leading manufacturers of LON based building automation products in Europe. New components of the SVEA product range are the Integrated Room Controller System IRC and a LON DALI Gateway both with LON/IP-852 interface. The SVEA Room Control System IRC is a cost-saving and flexible automation system for the control of lighting, sunblind and HVAC. The LON DALI Gateway controls up to 256 DALI devices divided into 64 groups.

SysMik ( shows their powerful multi-protocol controller with modular IOs for LonMark channels TP/FT-10 and IP-852. The IPOCS tool for graphical application programming includes LonMark macro libraries for lighting control incl. DALI, sunblind and HVAC control. Integrated router and data-point coupling capabilities between the channels as well as a BACnet/IP interface are optionally available. WEB-services like SOAP and OPC-XML provide powerful interfaces for system management, data exchange and embedded visualization.

The main message of the joint presentation of the four companies is: LonMark/IP-852 solutions are available today enabling open multivendor systems covering all function levels in BACS.

Fig.1: LOYTEC’s Color Touch Panel L-Vis
Fig.1: LOYTEC’s Color Touch Panel L-Vis

Fig.2: The Newron System Tool NLFacilities
Fig.2: The Newron System Tool NLFacilities

Fig.3: SVEA’s LON-DALI-Gateway
Fig.3: SVEA’s LON-DALI-Gateway

Fig.4: SysMik’s ICS-852 based modular multi protocol controller
Fig.4: SysMik’s ICS-852 based modular multi protocol controller

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