September 2011
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Articles - September 2011
Our authors provide insight into our rapidly evolving industry. 
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Open Programming Language for Building Automation  If you buy-in to systems that are proprietary, you also buy-in to a restricted source of humans with the expertise to provide those services. This means that owners and consultants are locked-out of making on-going changes and improvements, not to mention future vendors. - David Fisher, President, PolarSoft® Inc.

Roadmap to Open Programming Language Continued….This article continues to develop a road map to an open control programming language standard by examining the difference between IEC 61131-3 standard and the proposed open instruction set architecture. - Nirosha Munasinghe MBusIT BSc BE (Hons) (Melb), Product Development Manager, Open General 

Open access to vendor control languages  Or more control, less vendors.  -  Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd

An Open, Standardized Control Language  In this article we will look at the Sedona Framework and how it tackles each of these requirements making it an ideal solution to fulfill the vision of an open, standardized control language.  Brian Frank, Founder, SkyFoundry

The Challenge to Legacy Building Management Systems   Improved or advanced BMS systems will need to have “middleware” software tools and be able to standardized data from a variety of sources and systems into an open database structure. Jim Sinopoli, PE, RCCD, LEED AP Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC

Bringing energy efficiency to 65% of the commercial market   Addressing the barrier to entry of light commercial and mid-market buildings  -  Louis-Nicolas Hamer, P.Eng, LEED AP Vice-President, SCL Elements Inc. / CAN2GO

The Stats on Stats  While we think of the thermostat as one of the simplest components of an HVAC system, there are actually many decisions that need to be made by both the home or building owner and the contactor. - Tom Jackson, CEO, Johnson Systems

The “Moon Shot” for Building Energy Performance  The goals have been set and the bar is high, as we enter a transitional period where voluntary actions related to building energy performance will soon be mandatory. -  Jim Sinopoli, PE, RCCD, LEED AP, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC

How to save money with presence detectors?  Part 1 - Techniques - Andrey Golovin, Executive Director of BIG-RU and KNX Russia

The New Visibility & Interactions in the Building Automation Industry What changes in the last few years have led to the “New Visibility & Interactions in the Building Automation Industry”? - Control Engineering Asia

Columns - September 2011

Back to the Future with BACnet Wireless  Interoperable Wireless … for Real  - Andy McMillan, President and GM Philips Teletrol

The Disadvantages to Social Media Marketing  Social Media is a fantastic tool if used properly, but it takes time and dedication. - Manny Mandrusiak, Managing Creative Consultant,4 Bravo Marketing

Standards Update Abstraction and Schedule Communication  Toby Considine, TC9 Inc

Embracing Change  Are we embracing the necessary changes enthusiastically and fast enough to keep control of our industry? - Ken Sinclair,

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