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New Robot Interface MobileEyestm Announced by MobileRobots.com

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Amherst, NH – MobileRobots.com announces MobileEyes, a new standard interface for robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). To date, robot users have had to develop or buy custom software for every application. MobileEyes provides a single, modifiable GUI for nearly any point-to-point automation application, from materials handling to remote sensing, security surveillance, visitor guidance and asset tracking.

With MobileEyes, users can deliver items, investigate a break-in or check for leaks simply by clicking on a robot destination. The robot’s progress is displayed through the floor plan it created. Cameras, sensors and other accessories connected to the robot can display their data in MobileEyes. For 24X7 operations, users can set up patrol and delivery routes. MobileEyes also enable users to converse with people remotely, via the robot.

MobileEyes provides the means to control robots from PCs anywhere in the enterprise, protected by encrypted passwords. Display parameters can be station specific. Furthermore, the robot itself may be configured so that it travels quickly or slowly; obstacles can be given narrow or wide berth and other such parameters may be set through MobileEyes.

In addition to deploying standard functions, more advanced users can quickly customize robots to perform special tasks such as speaking, playing audio, watching for intruders or zooming cameras onto a particular view.

MobileEyes is compatible with any robot with the Automated Robot Control System (“ARCS inside”) ARCS is designed and manufactured by MobileRobots.com for use by third-party robot and automated guided vehicle (AGV) developers as well as for MobileRobots own platforms.

About MobileRobots.com (formerly ActivMedia Robotics)
Founded in 1995, MobileRobots.com is a global leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent mobile robots and controls, with over 2,000 in the field. Organizations including Hewlett Packard, Intel, Honda, Ford, Pfizer, Microsoft, NASA, Siemens, Sprint and the US Navy have chosen MobileRobots systems. To learn more, please visit www.MobileRobots.com. Production, R&D and business offices of MobileRobots.com are in Amherst, NH.


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