April 2005
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Power Measurement Announces Three New Options for Intelligent Energy Management

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VICTORIA, BC — Power Measurement, a global provider of enterprise energy management systems, introduced three new options for its ION(R) 7550 and ION 7650 intelligent energy meters: an ION 7550 RTU (remote terminal unit) option for monitoring multiple utilities (such as water and gas); a non-intrusive current transformer option for quick installation without de-energizing circuits; and a low-voltage DC power option for running a meter from substation or genset battery supplies. As part of a full enterprise energy management system, these advanced capabilities can help managers in industrial, commercial and utility environments to minimize energy-related costs, and increase power system reliability enterprise wide.

The RTU option converts the ION 7550 energy meter into a highly effective solution for combined metering of utilities such as water, air, gas, electricity and steam. Using extensive I/O points and Modbus Master support, the meter inputs pulses, analog signals and data from other meters and transducers. Data and sequence-of-events logging, GPS time synchronization and web-enabled communications options, make the ION 7550 RTU ideally suited as a low-cost data concentrator for collecting, storing and delivering information over public or private networks to energy management or automation systems for later analysis.

The non-intrusive current transformer (NICT) option offers external current probes that clamp around existing wiring without requiring the circuit to be shut down. Available for both the ION 7550 and ION 7650 meters, this option simplifies the installation process for combined energy and power quality monitoring in permanent or temporary applications.

The low voltage power supply option enables either the ION 7550 or ION 7650 meter to be powered from an auxiliary supply, using 20 to 60 Volts DC, common in substation and genset battery applications within industrial and utility environments.

The RTU, non-intrusive current transformer, and low-voltage power supply options are available now from Power Measurement. For more information, visit www.pwrm.com.

About Power Measurement:
Power Measurement is a global provider of enterprise energy management systems for energy suppliers and consumers worldwide. The company’s ION® web-ready software and intelligent energy meters help large businesses improve power quality, reduce energy costs and keep operations running enterprise-wide, 24 hours a day.


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