April 2010
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ZENERGY House Selects EcoView Energy Manager for Pioneering Whole Home Project

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Advanced Telemetry’s ‘EcoView Residential’ Selected as the Exclusive Energy Management System for ZENERGY House - Southern California’s First Net-Zero-Energy Whole House Green Remodeling Project

‘EcoView Residential’ selected as the official real-time energy management solution for prototype home exemplifying how to easily and effectively incorporate green elements into an existing environment; EcoView a pinnacle part of this first comprehensive SoCal remodel that combines building science-based energy auditing with environmentally responsible design and construction

SAN DIEGO, CA, March 30, 2010 – Advanced Telemetry (www.AdvancedTelemetry.com), developer of the EcoViewTM smart energy management system for light commercial and residential applications, today announced the activation of its “EcoView Residential” solution in the ZENERGY House (www.ZenergyHouse.com) - a green whole home remodel project located at 4426 Irvine Avenue in Studio City, CA - to be unveiled at the Grand Opening event on Friday, April 2nd from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Of all available home energy management systems on the market, EcoView Residential was chosen as a mission critical element in this high performance comprehensive green home remodel – the first in Southern California that combines building science-based energy auditing with environmentally responsible design and construction to create a net-zero energy, healthy, whole house designer showcase.

Conceived by the energy efficiency consulting, auditing and training firm Residential Energy Assessment Services, Inc. (www.ReasEnergy.com), ZENERGY House is a living example and educational tool on how to easily incorporate greener elements into an existing home environment. The house exclusively features environmentally-friendly building materials and interior furnishings provided by an array of leading brands, including Hewlett Packard®, Panasonic®, Whirlpool®, Belkin® and Bradford White. In addition to Advanced Telemetry’s industry leading EcoView Residential Energy Management System, the project's other major improvements address the mechanical systems, lighting, building envelope, ventilation, water conservation, appliances, interior finishes, and renewable energy. The home also showcases green furnishings, textiles, art, and wallpaper among other interior design and décor components.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this ZENERGY House project, which showcases just how easy and effective it can be to retrofit an existing home with environmentally friendly technologies and materials that will lower utility bills and lessen environmental impacts,” said Guz Ezcurra, president of Advanced Telemetry. “The economic downturn, in tandem with the escalating ‘green movement,’ has inspired most if not all Americans to seek ways to reduce non-essential expenses and otherwise wasteful resources at home. The advent of affordable lightweight residential energy management systems that can be controlled either in the home or remotely, like our EcoView Residential solution, has spurred enormous marketplace demand. Having our system selected for use at the ZENERGY House further validates our approach to energy efficiency at home.”

Chosen because of its unique architecture and because the home's size reflects the national average for square footage, this one-story house was originally built in 1950 and includes 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,450 sq. ft. of living space, and a pool. The ZENERGY House exemplifies the benefits of a high performance green home, including improved health, safety, comfort and the ability to protect property values from escalating energy costs. It also reflects the goals outlined by President Obama's plan for incentives encouraging homeowners to make energy efficiency investments in their homes, through, for example, his proposed "HOMESTAR" program and "Cash for Caulkers."

PlantPROCORE Throughout 2010 the ZENERGY House will host a number of tours, seminars, industry training and other events where architects, builders, designers, LEED professionals, government officials, financial institutions, real estate agents, homeowners and other interested parties can see EcoView Residential and other of the home’s green interventions first-hand. The public may also be able to view the ZENERGY House online through an online virtual tour. Supporting ZENERGY House's educational mission, tours will be performed by students from LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts)'The Giving Tree Club' who have attended specific training events at the property.

Speakers at the highly anticipated ZENERGY House Grand Opening event include renowned environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr. and Senator Fran Pavely, author of bill AB 32 - the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Visit www.ZenregyHouse.com for more information about ZENERGY House and the April 2, 2010 Grand Opening.

About EcoView Residential
EcoView Residential provides real time information on a home’s energy and resource usage, allowing owners and tenants to pinpoint consumption from devices ranging from flat screen televisions to computers to light bulbs. EcoView Residential can be readily connected to wireless control devices, such as thermostats and light switches, enabling users to quickly, easily, and even remotely make adjustments to a home’s energy consumption. EcoView Residential’s high resolution, flat screen touch panel communicates wirelessly with metering devices that measure a home’s electricity and water consumption, providing real-time, graphical illustrations of energy usage or generation for viewing while at home. EcoView Residential also takes advantage of an existing broadband Internet connection to enable remote monitoring and management of household energy use from any Web-enabled device when away from home.

About Advanced Telemetry, LLC
With a corporate belief that energy and fiscal conservation begins with an awareness of wasteful consumption habits as they occur, Advanced Telemetry offers EcoViewTM – a proprietary, smart energy and resource management system for both residential and small commercial applications. Server-based and entirely Web accessible, EcoView is the most cost-effective, future-proof system available that - completely independent of a utility company - enables users to easily view, manage and reduce their resource consumption - and thus utility bills and carbon footprint – in real-time. These are among the many reasons Advanced Telemetry’s has been chosen as a Microsoft® partner and its technology is being utilized by General Electric Co. as part of its EcomaginationTM SmartCommandTM program. Founded in 2007, Advanced Telemetry is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit www.AdvancedTelemetry.com.


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