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Richards-Zeta (RZ) extends service to the Saudi Arabia Region, through Noor Technologies, Inc. (Noortech)

Santa Barbara, CA - July 31, 2006 - Noortech becomes a Richards-Zeta Systems Integrator (RZ SI) in Saudi Arabia

In light of the new intelligent buildings opportunities and projects that are rapidly developing in the region as part of the Cisco Connected Real Estate (CCRE) drive, Noortech and Richards-Zeta (RZ), a leader in intelligent buildings systems integration and protocol normalization, have signed an agreement wherein Noortech becomes part of the Richards-Zeta Team in serving CCRE opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

The RZ Mediator™ technology and Multi-Protocol Exchange (MPX™) software platform, is the key middleware solution which is able to integrate the various, otherwise disparate, building systems onto the Cisco IP backbone. RZ is the pathway to integrating these systems, thus the ones making CCRE real from an integration application. In other words, true building systems integration versus pure software applications is what differentiates RZ and the Mediator™ Multi-Protocol Exchange (MPX™) and provides Noortech and other System Integrator Partners exclusive opportunities. RZ is also a manufacturer of IP centric building integration controls.

Noortech is creating associations and alliances with international leading manufacturers and integrators to provide high standard applications and “best-in-class” hardware that successfully integrates a multitude of building systems onto the Cisco backbone.

Richards-Zeta is excited to be represented by Noortech, which bring highly skilled and large resources to execute on the CCRE opportunities. RZ continues to look forward to working with our partners and Cisco to further develop and deliver the highest level of technology, quality and value to our collective customers. For Sales and Technical support for any CCRE opportunity please contact Richards-Zeta at: or call us at 805-692-5560. RZ will provide a direct contact based on the location and scope of the opportunity. For additional CCRE support materials please refer to our website at:

About Richards-Zeta (RZ)
Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc. (RZ) is a manufacturer of IP centric building integration controls. Richards-Zeta has a legacy of first to market innovations, including perfectHOST®, the industry’s first all in one graphical programming and graphical user interface package, now an integral component of the OMEGA® platform suite. For more information on Richards-Zeta please go to:

About Noortech
Noor2tech are Systems Integrators based in Saudi Arabia specializing in intelligent solutions for buildings and facilities. The Company was founded in 1999 to service growing local and regional demand for intelligent systems applications. Noortech has pioneered the application of network server in the IP (Internet Protocol) communication in Saudi Arabia back in 1999. Building on its vast experience in the IP field Noortech is now in the vanguard of efforts to adopt Cisco Connected Real Estate, concept in Saudi Arabia. For inquiries and information about Noortech, please contact Hani Bakr at: You can also go to:


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