August 2006
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Multi-Tech's New RAS Still Provides the Best Network Security
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August 1st, Multi-Tech Systems is announcing new RAS (remote access server) products which provide the most secure means to communicate with networks. If you need the best possible security for communications between remote LANs (Local Area Networks), and they need to work every time, remote access technology using modems and a Remote Access Server (RAS) is still your best choice. The reason is that dial-up modem remote access is the most secure and reliable communications available. It is not that the Internet cannot be made safe enough for such transactions, or at least until some hacker breaks the code, but the fact of the matter is that you cannot beat the security of dial-up, point-to-point modem communications. Security is the primary, but not only, reason RAS is still around in the era of the Internet, and why it will be around for a long time to come.

Also, once a RAS is on an IP network, it becomes a modem pool for any networked PC to utilize. This could be essential in a support scenario where a technician needs to call modem-equipped devices to perform maintenance or do updates. RAS communications can also function as a back-up for everyday Internet or private intranet traffic.

The new MultiAccess™ Analog Communications Server (ACS), available in four-port (Model MA420) and eight-port (Model MA820) versions, utilizes 10/100BaseT Ethernet for the IP network connection, and is controlled by an easy-to-use web server interface. In addition to accepting inbound calls, the MultiAccess ACS supports dial-out for clients on IP networks, incorporates client authorization through RADIUS® or a local database, can use available callback security, utilizes industry-standard PPP client support and has flash memory on modems and server for easy updating.

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