August 2007
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Ambient Joins the GridWise Alliance

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Promoting Efficiency and Modernization of the U.S. Distribution Grid with Smart Grid Technology

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ambient Corporation (OTCBB: ABTG), a leader in Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) solutions, today announced that it has joined the GridWise™ Alliance.

Founded in 2003, the GridWise Alliance is a consortium of public and private stakeholders who are aligned around the vision of a transformed electric system. The Alliance members recognize that emerging energy and information technologies have the potential to radically improve the efficient use of the nation’s energy system. New technologies such as smarter meters, automated distribution systems, demand response, thermal and battery storage when carefully woven together with an IT overlay, can bring tremendous value to utilities and consumers alike.

John J. Joyce, President and CEO of Ambient, stated, “As the U.S. is forced to deal with global environmental issues and its aging electrical infrastructure, Smart Grid technologies promoted by the GridWise Alliance will have to be implemented on a national scale. For more than eight years, Ambient has committed to providing utilities with Smart Grid communications through BPL technology.”

“The Alliance is pleased to have Ambient Corporation join our growing membership,” said Steve Hauser, President of the GridWise Alliance. “Our vision is beginning to take root with significant new initiatives included in new energy legislation currently being discussed in Congress. Communication technologies are clearly a foundational element of the smart grid.”

Continued Mr. Joyce, “Ambient’s BPL communications network, overlaid on the distribution grid, gives utilities the ability to increase efficiency and reliability by affording a real-time picture of grid wide current and voltage levels while enabling utilities to communicate with and control smart devices. This two-way communication supports a wide variety of customer service and energy delivery applications such as time-of-use rates, demand response, and utility asset management. Ambient is proud to join such a distinguished group of companies working to make our shared vision a reality.”

About Ambient Corporation
Ambient Corporation is a pioneer in the Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) industry. Engaged in the design, development and marketing of patented BPL equipment and technologies, Ambient's proprietary technology and in-depth industry experience is designed to provide optimal solutions for the Utility and In-Premise markets, utilizing its Smart Grid capabilities. Headquartered in Newton, MA, Ambient is a publicly traded company (OTC BB: ABTG). Visit Ambient at


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