August 2007
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Join T&D analyst Chuck Newton and experts from GE Energy for a FREE one-day seminar.

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The Power of Knowledge: Enabling the Intelligent Grid

Technical and business presentations . . . hands-on demonstrations . . . and case studies showing how utilities are using the intelligent grid technology to solve real-world business challenges.

The Intelligent Grid is the future of the new power industry enterprise-wide solutions that deliver far-ranging benefits for both utilities and their end-user customers. Utilities that adopt them see tangible improvements in reduced outages, improved power quality and increased customer satisfaction.

But with these capabilities come questions: What really are the capabilities of an intelligent grid? Is there one set of technology that can enable both strategic and operational processes? How do the technologies fit together? And, how do you leverage automation across functions and even across business units for maximum benefit?

Get the answers to these questions and more.

Join Chuck Newton and experts from GE to discover leading-edge technology in these four critical areas and how to fit them together for maximum effectiveness:

September 26 Baltimore
October 10 Chicago
October 30 Atlanta
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