August 2009
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ControlLogix Building Automation Gateway from FieldServer Technologies at 2009 Automation Fair

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Easily link building automation & fire panel devices to Allen Bradley ControlLogix

August 5, 2009 – The SlotServer ControlLogix Communications Interface Module and EtherNet/IP standalone gateways will be featured in booth 528 at the Automation Fair in Anaheim, November 11-12, 2009. FieldServer Technologies’ SlotServer ControlLogix gateway to building automation and fire alarm control systems has brought together Building Automation systems and Process Control Systems.

FieldServer Technologies has been providing Building Automation gateways to enable BACnet, LonWorks, Metasys and Fire Alarm devices and networks to interface to open protocol networks for many years. The FieldServer name is highly respected in both the building automation and process controls industries as a quality gateway supplier. In many industrial facilities it is necessary to interface between the building controls and the process plant controls. Even in some commercial buildings process control devices such as PLCs are being used for control. Thus, FieldServer introduces the SlotServer ControlLogix/Building Automation Systems Communications Interface Module to make this transition simple and effective, meeting the needs for both the building automation and the process controls.

contemporary SlotServer provides key features demanded by integrators desiring an interface between their PLC and Building Automation Systems:

- Standard 1756 format plugs directly into the Allen Bradley ControlLogix rack
- Simple installation
- BACnet BBMD supported 10BaseT IP connection
- BACnet COV implementation
- User-friendly text display, status LED’s
- Trade port for advanced troubleshooting
- LonMark Certified, BACnet Tested, Metasys Compatible
- BACnet PIC Statement available

About FieldServer Technologies
FieldServer Technologies, a wholly owned division of Sierra Monitor Corporation based in California, designs and markets a broad line of devices that enhance communication between various instruments, systems, machines and other devices that utilize non-compatible data protocols. FieldServers combine with an extensive driver library to create the perfect interoperability package. For more information about FieldServer Technologies, please visit its Web site at


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