August 2009
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CC-Link Becomes the Predominant Open Fieldbus Network in Asia

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CHICAGO, August 25, 2009 — The CC-Link Partner Association announced today that the Control and Communication Link (CC-Link) open fieldbus network has exceeded 6.5 million nodes worldwide and that new research finds that CC-Link is the predominant open network in Asia.1

“The unmistakable conclusion of the new research is that device manufacturers, machine builders, system integrators, and multi-nationals that wish to do business in Asia should be formulating a CC-Link compatibility strategy if they have not already done so,” said Charles Lukasik, director of the CC-Link Partner Association. “Having CC-Link product and system expertise will demonstrate seriousness about exporting to or manufacturing in the Asia Pacific region.”

Lukasik said that the performance features of CC-Link have stimulated strong growth of this open networking solution not only in Asia, but also in the Americas and Europe. Key features include:

• High noise immunity compared to other networks
• Simple installation, configuration, and commissioning
• High network availability with floating standby master capability
• Hot swap of stations
• Fast transfer speeds for large amounts of data
• Determinism
• Widespread support from hundreds of automation equipment suppliers

contemporary Hundreds of automation equipment manufacturers have gone through the comprehensive process of certifying more than 1,000 products for CC-Link compatibility. The global CC-Link Partner Association manages the certification process and the introduction of new technology such as CC-Link IE, the world’s first gigabit industrial Ethernet controller network. The Partner Association also helps answer questions organizations have about the CC-Link open network.

Device and equipment manufacturers looking for more information on how to make their products compatible with CC-Link networking and end users looking for a stable, high-speed, state-of-the-art communications network for their automated control systems should visit

About CC-Link
CC-Link is an industrial automation network that processes both control and information data at high speed to provide efficient, integrated factory and process automation. It is an open technology field-level network that provides high speed, deterministic communication, linking a wide range of automation devices over a single cable. Today’s automation systems require an effective, integrated control system. CC-Link provides this necessary multi-vendor communication backbone.

1IMS Research: The World Market for Industrial Networking - 2009 Edition



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