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MobileRobots Inc adds advanced security protocols

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MobileRobots Inc adds advanced security protocols to PatrolBot™ Robot for server facilities, hospitals, factories and other routine applications

Amherst, NH, December 14, 2006 MobileRobots Inc announces the roll-out of enterprise-ready PatrolBot robots for IT and other facilities, with the addition of several flavors of Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) to its robots’ wireless security systems. The new enterprise-ready capabilities will be available for both direct connections and in multi-robot central server versions.

PatrolBot robots may be the first to be deployed for IT applications. The robot has been used in H-P’s model server farm to create 3D temperature models for energy optimization. PatrolBots can also track wireless reception throughout facilities and server locations with RFID. Since PatrolBots are essentially servers on wheels; they can be operated both through the MobileEyes™ control GUI and through ARCL text commands. To date, however, the robots have been deployed with only WEP authentication, leaving them prone to hacking.

Says CTO William Kennedy, PhD, “Until recently, our commercial robots have been used primarily in test applications, performing dull, but critical tasks reliably, on demand. The benefits are so great, now customers are buying them for routine use in hospital, warehouse, clean room, factory, retail, hospitality and office settings. We had to bring our authentication protocols up to the standards of other wireless devices to support PatrolBot’s widespread implementation within the enterprise.”

MobileRobots PatrolBots and other commercial systems shipped beginning January, 2007 will support various additional advanced WLAN security protocols including WPA/WPA2 EAP-TLS[TKIP/AES], WPA-PSK, EAP-PEAP flavors, as well as LEAP and EAP-FAST variants.

About MobileRobots Inc:
MobileRobots Inc, is a global leader in design and manufacture of intelligent mobile robots, sensing, and controls. Established in 1995, the company has sold thousands of robots to organizations including Intel, Amgen, Carnegie Mellon, John Deere, Microsoft, NASA, US Army, and the US Navy. MobileRobots R&D, production, and business offices are based in Amherst, NH.


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