December 2006
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ACR Releases Low Pressure Differential Data Logger

Surrey, BC, Tuesday, December 19, 2006 - ACR Systems Inc. announces the re-release of the SmartReader Plus 4, Low Pressure Differential Data Logger (LPD) with new, easy to use software. The product features extra-fine pressure resolution for commissioning, testing and balancing HVAC systems. Typical HVAC/R applications include monitoring filters, building pressure and air duct velocity and volume.

The SmartReader Plus 4 LPD data logger is a 10-year, self-powered, two channel logger with internal pressure and temperature sensors. The low pressure sensor is built into the logger and is capable of measuring low gauge and differential pressure. Simple to use, graphical and statistical data is retrieved and displayed using ACR's PC-based software.

About ACR Systems

ACR Systems is an acknowledged leader in the development of portable battery-powered data loggers. Its precision electronic data loggers measure and record a wide range of parameters including temperature, relative humidity, electric current and voltage, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality and more. ACR data loggers are renowned for quality, accuracy, reliability, ease-of-use, compact size and stand-alone operation.


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