December 2009
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AHR Expo 2010PLC-Multipoint Introduces New Products - AHR Expo 2010, Booth 1165

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PLC-Multipoint at booth # 1165 is introducing a new product line that shows our commitment to this endeavor. These new products offer the standard of flexible, functional, energy efficient lighting that matches your needs.

PLC-MultipointThe LP Series is our multiplex transmission Full-2Way remote lighting control system. The LP Series uses just two 24 V signal wires for all the switches on a network, and controls lighting using pulse signals. This reduces the number of wires needed compared to conventional remote control wiring.

The LCM family lighting control panel is a cost-effective and easily-configurable stand-alone lighting control system with programming suited to your needs and accessories specifically optimized for interior and exterior applications.

PLC-Multipoint makes four styles of sensors using two different detection technologies. Our indoor, outdoor, atrium and skylight sensors are optimized in their ranges and focus to look at light in and around different locations of buildings. Our sensors detect light using low cost photo-conductive or more precise photo-diode elements (PC or PD series). Both PC and PD photo sensors can be used with PLC-Multipoint controllers.

Save energy and save costs. Our simple design offers labor saving installation and matches all of your lighting control needs. PLC-Multipoint systems offer the convenience of minimal design with minimal maintenance because switch functions can be programmed after wiring is complete. Most of all, the flexibility we offer reduces your total costs.

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