Press Release - February 2004
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TAC Launches TAC Vista 4.20 LonWorks-Based System Controls, Checks and Analyzes Daily Building Operations

DALLAS – TAC, a world leader in Open Systems for Building IT®, security systems and energy solutions, announces the availability of TAC Vista® 4.20, an enhanced version of its LonWorks®-based building management software. Offering the benefits of an open architecture, TAC Vista 4.20 gives building owners and managers even more flexibility – and freedom – in their ability to choose, install and operate a variety of building management systems.

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Like previous versions, TAC Vista 4.20 combines environmental controls with facility and energy management features into a single, seamlessly interoperable solution. The latest version, however, with a powerful Windows®-based interface, is even easier to use. It allows complex functions to be executed with simple procedures, features an intuitive operation to ensure correct actions and responses, and makes it easier to generate trend logs from any point in the system. The enhancements to TAC Vista 4.20 are designed to increase operator satisfaction and reduce training costs.

In addition, TAC has simplified and reduced the steps necessary to engineer a system. Version 4.20 simplifies the ability to deploy the system on a network, and provides a Windows-like cut/copy/paste feature in the database, which saves engineering time. TAC Vista 4.20 also features improved data analysis functionality, enhanced trend charts to simplify analysis, improved report capabilities, new advanced filtering options and a dynamic event viewer. These features better equip users for accurate decision-making and planning for their facilities.

TAC Vista 4.20 continues to run on TCP/IP and standard network equipment, and provides LAN communication via Ethernet® or fiber optics. Furthermore, host workstations can communicate across the Internet as well as via commercial LAN connections without a server installation. Version 4.20’s modular, client/server design also allows facility managers to customize TAC Vista to their own, specific needs.

TAC Awarded Performance Contract by the City of Dallas
$9 Million Contract Provides For Energy Enhancements at Six City Facilities

DALLAS – TAC, a world leader in Open Systems for Building IT®, security systems and energy solutions, has been awarded a $9 million performance contract with the City of Dallas to design and construct energy conservation-related projects at six city facilities. The projects will be financed through $9 million in loans from the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) and then repaid with the realized energy savings on an annual basis.

Facilities covered in the contract include Dallas City Hall, the Central Public Library, the city-owned parking garage in the downtown Arts District, a community recreation center, a branch library and a satellite municipal center.

In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing a model to quantify the emissions benefits of energy efficient buildings. While it is generally understood among the air regulatory community that there are air quality benefits from reducing the need to produce electricity for buildings, there has not been a way to quantify this impact. TAC’s performance contract for the City of Dallas will be the first large project of this type to be measured and tracked by the EPA in an effort to document and prove that energy efficiency in buildings is a cost-effective way to reduce emissions. Ultimately, these emissions reductions will be included in the state of Texas’ plan for achieving compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act.

Improvements include complete lighting retrofits at all the facilities; new chillers for Dallas City Hall and the branch library; a new boiler at the community center; and replacements or upgrades to the cooling towers at the Central Library, City Hall, the community center and the satellite municipal center. In addition, TAC Vista® building automation systems will be used at all the facilities to monitor and control the mechanical systems and energy consumption.

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TAC helps people feel and function better, as a direct result of greater indoor climate. This is made possible by TAC's concept of Open Systems for Building IT®, which utilizes information technology to provide clients with advantages such as indoor climate optimization, energy savings, flexibility, security, reduced expenses and user-friendly operation.  For more information visit

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