February 2007
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Kiyon Ships Wireless BACnet MSTP Mesh Router for Simple, Cost-Effective Building Automation

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New KAN154B Offers Lower Cost MSTP Specific Wireless Solution for Hard to Wire Deployments

SAN DIEGO (February 20, 2007) – Kiyon, Inc., a leading innovator in wireless broadband technology, today announced the availability of the KAN154B BACnet MSTP Mesh wireless router, the latest device in the company’s growing line of wireless building automation technology powered by Kiyon’s Wireless Autonomic Routing Protocol (WARP). Kiyon’s routers are the first to support broadband wireless mesh for BACnet, making it an ideal and cost-effective solution for building automation and control, especially in facilities that are difficult to wire or retrofit.

The KAN154B is specifically designed for BACnet MSTP (master slave/token passing) networks, and is the only high-bandwidth wireless mesh solution that supports BACnet to control HVAC, lighting, access control, power management, sensor data acquisition, and more. Kiyon’s Wireless Autonomic Routing Protocol (WARP) makes installing a wireless BACnet mesh simple, since WARP automatically recognizes other networked devices and dynamically routes for the best data path. Price listed at $199 each, the KAN154B provides a high-performance wireless mesh network (WMN) solution that is faster to implement and often more cost effective than installing new control wiring that can cost thousands of dollars in labor, materials and repairs.

The KAN154B can be installed in closets, or mounted on ceilings or walls, and can deliver transmission speeds up to 54 Mbps. Since the routers create a BACnet wireless grid, they also make it easy to add in devices as needed and are self-healing, providing automatic failover in the event of a fault, seamlessly rerouting over multiple pathways in case of an interruption.

Using directional and high-gain antennas also can extend the coverage range, including between buildings. A router can communicate with the entire network as long as it is in range of one other networked unit.

“Wireless mesh is not only inexpensive to install and maintain, it is the ideal automation alternative for buildings that are hard to wire or older building that are hard to retrofit,” said John Edler, Kiyon Vice President and General Manager. “Many of our customers are adopting wireless mesh for building automation because it makes it fast and easy to accommodate new construction and infrastructure changes to handle new build outs or new tenants.”

The KAN154B BACnet MSTP Mesh Router’s key features include:

An easy to install hardware platform that provides plug-and-play connectivity with BACnet MSTP compatible systems.
Secure wireless networking, compatible with standard data encryption protocols.
Self-healing, fast fail-over capabilities that enable routers to seamlessly re-route over alternate pathways if a link is interrupted.
Improved coverage that extends range well beyond the wired infrastructure, including connecting multiple buildings to a centralized system.
Runs on low-voltage 24 volts power supply.

The KAN154B BACnet MSTP Router offers a lower cost option to Kiyon’s full feature KAN354B Wireless Mesh routers, which have a list price of $299 and supports additional protocols. For more information, or to order the KAN154B or KAN354B Mesh Router, please visit www.kiyon.com.

About Kiyon
Founded in 2003 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, Kiyon has been recognized worldwide with numerous awards for its innovative technology and product solutions. Kiyon’s advanced wireless networking technology, which includes 10 patents, utilizes a standards-compliant, dynamic multi-channel TDMA MAC protocol and a mesh network software suite that addresses both quality of service (QoS) and capacity issues in any wireless network. Kiyon’s software is capable of interfacing with any higher-level protocol such as 802.11a/b/g, WiMax and UWB, and operates on standard hardware platforms.

Products include low cost indoor-outdoor wireless mesh routers for industrial and consumer applications, as well as wireless mesh software that can be embedded directly into OEM devices. For more information, please visit us at www.kiyon.com.


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