February 2007
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Use Infometrics Remote Ongoing Commissioning Service from Cimetrics Inc.

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February 7, 2007 Cimetrics Inc. announced today that Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts has signed up for their energy-saving Infometrics remote ongoing commissioning service.

Infometrics reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Infometrics is the leading service for remote monitoring and ongoing commissioning of building systems. An Infometrics program provides powerful algorithm-based analysis of continuously collected building automation data. Valuable unbiased periodic reports enable owners to optimize efficiency and comfort, lower maintenance costs, and effectively manage facility staff and contractors while reducing energy consumption.

Using secure Internet transmission, Infometrics can upload and analyze the performance of multiple vendors’ equipment, anywhere in the world. A combined 100+ years of expertise in controls engineering, communications and building analysis enables customized solutions for each facility. Infometrics recommendations optimize mechanical and operational efficiency, catching potential problems before they become noticeable and keeping systems running smoothly and efficiently. The information provided enables proactive rather than reactive system maintenance, minimizing costly downtime and extending equipment life. Connected buildings also allow owners to aggregate energy buying, analyzing need and negotiating costs based on enterprise-wide usage patterns.

To learn more about Cimetrics and Infometrics, visit web: http://www.cimetrics.com


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