February 2007
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Sensicast Launches SensiNet Services

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Provides Web 2.0 SaaS for Smart Manufacturing through Applied Wireless Sensor Networks/M2M/Web Connectivity

First secure ASP services deliver Web-based applications for remote monitoring of temperature, energy and moisture, from any Web-enabled device

Orlando, San Francisco, and Needham, MA—February 13, 2007—In simultaneous announcements at ARC Advisory Group’s 11th Annual Manufacturing Forum, and at Harbor Research’s Smart Services Forum, Sensicast Systems (www.sensicast.com), worldwide provider of Wireless Sensor Networking systems and services today announced the launch of SensiNet® Services—an application services offering for industrial and commercial enterprises.  SensiNet Services uniquely lets plant/facility managers use Sensicast’s award-winning temperature, energy and moisture monitoring applications over the Internet, without having to
locate the applications within their own network infrastructure.

“As the first totally integrated measurement system to combine the power of wireless sensor networking with the flexibility of Web-access, SensiNet Services lets manufacturers measure anything, from anywhere without wires,” said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of Sensicast. SensiNet Services Web-based applications span a range of monitoring solutions for:

• Process Optimization
(Converting physical measurements into optimization of manufacturing processes)
• Storage, Manufacturing and Testing Facilities
(Monitoring for perishables like food, chemicals, bio-materials, and pharmaceuticals)
• FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
(Tracking storage conditions for pharmaceutical, bioscience, food & beverage facilities)
• Water Damage Mitigation
(Remote moisture and humidity monitoring of water-damaged sites; accelerate

Features of SensiNet Services:

Hosted Web applications monitoring and managing temperature, energy, and moisture Secure remote access to real-time measurements from any Internet-enabled device (computer, laptop, PDA, handheld)
“Zero-IT” footprint eliminates need to install and manage additional software
No changes required to enterprise security policies or firewall configurations
User-configurable alarms and alerts, customizable data analysis, and reports
Automatic, real-time M2M connectivity between SensiNet and popular software systems
(e.g. industrial control, building automation, database-driven applications, SCADA systems)

SensiNet Services leverage Sensicast’s patented, state-of-the-art mesh networking sensor technology by enabling transparent connectivity with monitoring and control systems that support widely-used industrial protocols and standards—MODBUS, TCP, ODBC, OPC, and Web Services (SOAP, http, https, and XML). For more details, read Sensicast’s October 2006 announcement at http://www.sensicast.com/uploadedFiles/sensicast-pr-networkstoweb-101706.pdf .

“Manufacturers today know there is potential value in additional real-time information from their own plant, from key customers, and from their supply chain partners. But adding additional IT infrastructure and new business processes can make these investments large, complex, and risky,” commented Harry Forbes, Senior Analyst at Boston-based ARC Advisory Group. “This is the issue Sensicast is addressing with its new SensiNet Services offering. As Sensicast knows, achieving a ‘Zero-IT footprint’ requires support for the most common industrial protocols, but also the addition of a services portfolio that lets manufacturers invest in new information rather than new infrastructure.”

”SensiNet Services is the essence of the exciting new world of Smart Services in which device data will escape the confines of the plant or enterprise facility and deliver real-time status information and powerful field intelligence to those who need it,” said Glen Allmendinger, President of Harbor Research. “Those who embrace and adopt a service-centric approach
to manufacturing will gain a strong advantage over their competitors.”

For additional information on the functionality, benefits, security, ROI and how to sign up for SensiNet Services go to http://www.sensicast.com/sensinet_services.php

About Sensicast
Sensicast provides applied Wireless Sensor Network systems and services that help operating managers dramatically reduce costs & improve efficiency. Sensicast’s robust and easy-todeploy SensiNet® systems continuously report real-time operations data from applications, processes, and facility conditions. SensiNet is a patented, self-installing, self-healing “Zero-IT” solution that captures critical data through Smart Sensors and makes the information available and actionable through internal and remote Web-based access. Sensicast’s Pervasive Sensing™ solutions address the needs of a wide range of industrial and commercial enterprises—including remote monitoring of temperature, energy use, moisture/humidity, and other data types; while also facilitating predictive maintenance and governmental/environmental compliance. For more information visit www.sensicast.com


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