January 2007
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Nintendo Wii launches with innovative Wireless In-store POP displays.

~ In-store digital posters managed wirelessly from Head Office.

~ Real-time marketing of Wii console and games to consumers at Point of Purchase.

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January 3rd, 2007

Henley & Henley, Retail Consultants for Nintendo UK, and Comtech M2M (www.comtechm2m.com), a leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution provider, today unveil the latest innovations in Point of Purchase (POP) with an in-store Retail Communication Display (RCD), which is controlled and updated from Nintendo’s Head Office.

Using wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology, the display scrolls a digital message above an electronically updated image, which also supports a countdown timer to the approaching product launch date. An LCD screen in the centre of the console displays a sequence of high-resolution Jpeg images that gives consumers a "visual taster" of the new product. Following the Wii launch, the same display can be used to promote other new Nintendo game titles.

The technology allows for completely new promotional messages to be delivered to all stores remotely and in less than 10 seconds!

With web based technology, a secure website has been developed so Nintendo know precisely where each display is located, positioned in-store and what content is being displayed. It also alerts head office if the display is not switched on. Tactical changes to the unit can take place whenever head office decides and the complete nationwide estate can be updated at the touch of a keystroke. Nintendo are no longer reliant on store staff to comply with POP updates.

The first of the displays are being introduced into the top GAME and Game Station stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

Control Solutions, Inc Trade Marketing consultants Henley & Henley, based in Bristol, have project managed the development of the RCD after investigating new ways to promote Nintendo’s range of games and consoles within the specialist gaming sector.

Ian McMillan, Nintendo’s Trade Marketing controller said "Nintendo have always been leading innovators for games and players and this approach to real time marketing proves that we are at the cutting edge of In-store POP. You will see it promoting the latest Nintendo products including the new Wii console"

Nintendo Wii is a groundbreaking games console launched in Europe during December 2006, selling 50,000 consoles on day one.

Barry Lowe, CEO, Comtech M2M said: "These are highly effective displays which grab the consumer’s attention and drive sales. It may look like a simple poster that you just hang up and plug in; but behind it sits a remote managed communication system that gives Nintendo marketing control at the click of a button. "

About Henley & Henley
Henley & Henley are retail consultants based in Bristol. An Independent team managing retail solutions, marketing, advertising, POP, sponsorship and exhibitions. Also preparing POP audits and Client satisfaction surveys.

About Comtech M2M
Comtech M2M., http://www.comtechm2m.com, Bolton, UK, is a communications company for remote assets and equipment. The firm delivers robust and reliable solutions that "bridge the gap" to companies' IT systems and business processes, which enable decisions to be made based on real-time information. Comtech’s intelligent communication solutions include fixed and wireless devices, web-based management software and services that are complementary to "machine" applications for remote access, monitoring, alarming and enterprise integration. Reduce costs, increase revenues and improve customer service through a rapid deployment solution. Comtech’s solutions are suited to many diverse markets with complete solutions available for Retail Brand Management.



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